Month: September 2017

Old Enchantment

As of century XVI, the tarot became immensely popular in the set of kingdoms that today conform Italy. Each important city counted on its own decks, distinguished that it before the others. Powerful Florence emphasized by the luxury and the beauty of its letters of tarot. Nevertheless, it was in Etruria, a humble kingdom of the region of Tuscan where the mallet was born whose originality and wealth dazzle still today. We talked about letters of Minchiate tarot.

The Minchiate tarot counts on ninety and seven letters, unlike the seventy and eight habitual ones. The reason? To letters of tarot known by all, arcane majors and minors, add the twelve teologales signs of the zodiac, the four virtues (faith, hope, prudence, charity) and the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. But the particularitities of letters of Minchiate tarot do not finish there. Within the arcane minors, the horsemen appear represented by centaurs or esfinges. That is to say, conjugating the human with the animal. Pajes is men in coarse and the swords, and women in golds and glasses, going ahead, with unsuspected modernity, to the present mallets of tarot, that look for a greater balance in the representation of sexes.

Within the arcane majors, the absence of the Priestess stands out. The signs of the zodiac, the elements and the virtues are included within the arcane majors. The first card pack of tarot Minchiate Etruria of which the news is had was published in 1725. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ken Cron. Two Florentine reediciones, the Minchiate Fiorentini, saw the light in 1790 and 1820. But with the revaluation of the tarot caused at the beginning of century XX by the occultist societies, this mallet was let of side consider it devoid of interest. Since then, it had only caught the attention of some artists, more interested in recreating the beauty of old letters of tarot that in its powers of divination. In 1996, nevertheless, the original mallet Minchiate Etruria again was printed and reedited. And since then, their beautiful medieval dye illustrations have become a challenge for the best tarotistas of the world. The letters of Minchiate tarot offer, as much to that the consultation like a that the Lees, a different experience. A experience where the mysticism has a preponderant place, and where deepest of the Christian and pagan wisdoms they are conjugated in perfect harmony. A experience, to sum up, that is worth the pain to discover.

Brian Tracy

About half of the targets from the list have been met. Many of them were executed with remarkable accuracy (language that I've long forgotten accurately reflect my life today) or exceeded. Close to some targets were possible – '15 years ''20 years'. But here is what is most interesting: the most goals were realized the last 6 months! That is, if I opened the list yet recently, the picture would be quite different. More recently, many of the things that I once wrote down the list were for me still unrealistic. Most of the time that has passed since the inception of the list, I moved forward, but the movement was relatively slow and not very noticeable. But then at one point there was a real breakthrough. Why it occurred? It seems that for any explosion must first build a critical mass. Many events that have occurred over the past three years, many seeming failures, many seemingly random coincidence of interests and gradually evolved into one. All this time they have accumulated. They become one details of the puzzle. They created the critical mass necessary for a great breakthrough. And when that critical mass had accumulated, when hundreds of large and small needed changes in my life have occurred, there was an explosion! Immediately a couple dozen of my old desires could be realized within a few months! Thoughts about everything what happened made me think of Brian Tracy, that started it all. In the bookstore, obeying impulse, I took down his book and opened to the first got the page. What I read, confirmed my observations. Brian wrote that the law applies to the 20/80 goals. Usually, the first 80 percent of the time we pass only 20 percent toward the goal. But the remaining 20 percent of the time it takes to overcome the high-speed eight-tenths way. Maybe you have already put a set of ambitious goals. Maybe you look around you, and not see the desired changes. And maybe you, as I once started to pour in from all sides failures. And you want to ask: 'When, finally, there will your break? ". I do not know the exact answer. Maybe he will not come soon. May be, there are still many steps that need to be done before it will become possible. Maybe some of these steps will seem to you down the steps or walking in circles. In any case, I want to give you a simple but the powerful council. Do not give up!

OldFashioned Taffy Pull Party

Want a unique party idea for your child’s birthday, or even when her friends sleep over for the weekend? Try hosting your own taffy extraction. It can be quite messy, but kids love it. Just follow these steps to minimize clutter. . . and maximize the fun! 1. Stock up on supplies. If you have not already candymaking basic tools, stocking up is easy.

You will need a medium size pot (3 or 4 quarts) with a heavy bottom and straight sides. You will also need a long handle of a wooden spoon, a pastry brush (used to scare off any crystals that might form), and a good candy thermometer with a metal clamp which attaches to the side of the pan. Then go shopping for the ingredients of toffee. For the recipe in this article, you must collect the following: sugar, corn syrup, salt, unsalted butter, flavor extracts (Vanilla, raspberry and lemon), coloring (red and yellow work nicely), flour, wax paper and candy wrappers. 2. Prepare your kitchen. If you resigned to the fact that this party is going to get dirty, you’ll be in the right mindset to relax and let the kids have fun. However, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize clutter. First, establish several cloths painter, recording the edges to protect every inch of its soil. Then sprinkle with a light coating of flour on canvas of the painter-this will help keep the shoes from around the world adhere to the fabric, when the inevitable spills occur.