Month: January 2019

Alexander People

Usually, he does his service at the Panzerbatallion 104 in the Oberpfalz barracks in Pfreimd. He did his military service in Willow 2011. Then he let typify themselves by the Stefan Morsch Foundation. Teams of the Stefan Morsch Foundation in whole Germany are traveling almost daily to win young soldiers as unrelated. More than 3500 members of the Bundeswehr in the donor file could be recorded in the first half of 2013. People who have declared themselves ready in an emergency for a leukemia patient People to donate stem cells and to give the chance of a cure to the patient. “People like Alexander G.: I thought that is a great thing.” Less than a year later he was needed. More than 10,000 people annually suffer from this disease in Germany alone.

When chemotherapy and radiation do not help, just a stem cell transplant can help. Through them, a new red system is implanted patients. To do this, the patient but needs a donor whose tissue characteristics correspond as far as possible with your own. Then searches for a genetic twin. More than 20 million people are registered in the bone marrow and Stammzellspenderdateien as the Stefan Morsch Foundation and yet it is still a fluke when a matching donor is found for a patient.

Alexander G. is the appropriate genetic twin for an Australian patient. He knows nothing about the woman whether she is young or old, whether she has children, is rich or poor. It doesn’t matter to him. In January 2012, the young soldier Stammzellzellen gives: With the transplantation of stem cells, the patient gets a new red system. These stem cells are located in the bone marrow. There are two ways to transfer them: the removal of bone marrow on the iliac Crest never from the spinal cord. Or the removal of peripheral blood stem cells from the blood similar to dialysis.

Dolmabahce Palace

New information for Istanbul travelers offers the travel industry free information service for your customers and a contest to kick off. People such as Nieman Foundation would likely agree. Istanbul is worth a visit. Again and again. The capital of three empires has numerous traces of its long history and a current culture that reinvents itself every day. See Nieman Foundation for more details and insights. Who the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Yerebatan cistern or the Dolmabahce Palace has visited once, which will develop a permanent longing to come back.

Who passed on the way from Sultanahmet to the Grand Bazaar to countless impressive mosques and places with colourful bustle, has the feeling of having seen only a fraction. ART ISTANBUL. The magazine around Istanbul a new German-language online magazine is committed to the task the encounter with this wonderful city. Anyone who holds the fascination of Vampire, find ever new and surprising insights into the different facets of Istanbul’s at ART-ISTANBUL. Whether history, architectural history and image of well-known and less known Attractions, current exhibitions and events, or a glimpse of life in this city with their complex social structures, different people and specific characteristics: ART-ISTANBUL would like to invite to the meeting to get to know, to the intense experience.

Practical tips and suggestions for accommodation, shopping, languages, cuisine make the travel planning easier. In the foreground one is: the participation of the authentic life of the city. Information offer for travel agencies and tour operators who want its clients shorten the time until the next holiday and get the desire, has the possibility, free link to ART-ISTANBUL. The magazine is freely available to all readers and draws attention with a weekly newsletter on the current dates and suggestions for the next trip. We ask, in the form of the following link: ART-ISTANBUL. The online magazine about sights, art and culture in Istanbul. Suggestions and tips for an authentic encounter. We would all, chance to win the link on our pages, invite, send us the link to the corresponding page. Three plans for display under the headings of time-lapse, excursions and accommodation will be raffled among all correspondence with proof of linking up to April 30, 2010 at.

Environment Consequences

Stress is a voltage that is integrated by a series of demands or factors determined in the environment, which have a rumbling effect on the attitudes of the human being; Since these will cause different situations that will trigger very unfit for our environment consequences. The perception that we have about this type of behaviour, that although the consequences are defined and fully tangible before our eyes; is void and it fits the possibility that away somewhere in the world are stirring countless things, ideas and thoughts; but here people live in their world, a world totally away from the consciousness of the questions, analyze why? and the most important and essential for life knowing para que? All those factors such as noise, the news at the social level, daily activities, even the heat of the Sun; they are stimulants that affect our body’s so strongly to cause a reaction to situations where it is expected a good result; However the demand of these stimulants that integrated make up the environmental stress from which all human beings suffer, and it is worth mentioning that very few to last hours we intend to rescue intended to make a change in our attitudes so that we don’t see us affected in the future, by resource depletion that now allow us to survive. The fact of not knowing how to control this type of environmental demands created in us a unconsciousness of our acts, our thoughts that only are ideas, our behaviors that are only imitations, and customs that we have already included as part of our daily life, these same have been therefore the fact of living every day in the same routine or do not know how to organize our time for the occupations we have, robs us time to think, analyze, Act and relevant to other people what is happening around us, because the current situation commits us to live the consequences of not taking care of our environment, not sit and think that we can change in our attitudes or improve our perception that we have about this type of topics. .

Brazil Day

Joaquin Maria Axe of Assis, or simply Axe of Assis (in memorian) was born to day 21 of June of 1839-faleceu to day 29 of September of 1908) was a great writer of Brazil, its workmanship influenced all the future generations and still it influences. Exactly having written its workmanships in middle of century XIX, one contemporarily becomes texts that mark the quality and realidadede our society. Specifically, I described published part of its life and workmanships pra in giving to a bigger idea of the dimension of the author and the unquestioned quality to them of its workmanships. However I want to detach the Machadianos Stories, amongst which I will deepen the call ' ' The Church of the Diabo' ' , that in the account the formation of a Church for proper Lucifer, Demon, the Satan and other diverse denominations received for the same being. The Story is divided in 4 Chapters, in sequence increasing: ' ' Of a Mirifica&#039 idea; ' , ' ' Between God and the Diabo' ' , ' ' Good the new to the Homens' ' ' ' Franjas and Franjas' '. The Story tells one that in an old manuscript benedictine the Devil, in certain day, had the idea to establish a church.

Although its profits were continuous and great, the Devil felt lack of the sacred rituals that all Church possesss. In this Church the fidiciary offices could make what to want, without rules, giving to explanation pra nobody. But one day the Devil perceived that its followers continued nailing the old rituals, the Quaresma, Baptism, Crisma, Eucaristia, Marriage and all the dream to surpass God one more time came for water below. The Church of the Devil, Machadiano Story is a satire the old and good contradiction human being: the man is good, the temptations that are irresistible. Visit BSA for more clarity on the issue. In a so prejudiced society as Brazil, the greater of its writers of all history was crossbred (European and African). A landmark so that the society modifies its mentality of that caucasides the knowledge branches are surpassed negrides in all. The Equality must be remained in all democracy, still more here, a crossbred country that was formed pro our brothers of the great African continent.

Russian Revolution

Writing in 1919, in a Europe marked for the First War and the Russian Revolution, for the psychoanalysis of Freud, the skepticism of Nietzsche and the propagation of espiritualistas doctrines, Demian portraies the discovery trajectory and individual transformation of Emil Sinclair, a boy who, when passing of infancy for the adolescence, visualizes horizontes new and passes if to feel dislocated of its familiar environment. For Ivo Barroso (responsible for the translation for the Publishing company Brazilian Civilization), ' ' still more that a history or romance of education is the story of an uneducated process, or, preferring itself, of re-education, laborious erasing of the footprints that the educational puritanismo leaves printed in the adolescent soul; the shyness, the humildade, the transference? obsolete weapons against the hostility of the real world and that they lead, later, inappellably to the solitude and the inadaptabilidade, the deaf revolt and the bitter taste constrangimento' '. Recognized for Hermann Hesse as autobiogrfica, the workmanship follows a linearity based on the memories of the narrator, an adult who has left of a psychological bias to reviver and to reinterpretar the dramas of its adolescence, that they are the same internal conflicts why passes all the young in the process of construction of a proper identity. In its Sinclair narrative it says ' ' only of those new things that had come to desraigar me and to stimulate me for frente' ' (P. Perhaps check out Boy Scouts of America for more information. 49), disclosing the intellectual influences in Hesse, of which I detach: Dualidade Emil Sinclair is young a servant for very merciful parents, in a bourgeois and successful family. It lives the conflict of a vision maniquesta of the world, divided between the luminous, perfect world, beautiful commanded of the paternal house and the obscure, wild, cruel world beyond this. This conflict enters well and badly also it reflects yourself in the social matters (pupils of the public school versus pupils of the particular school). . If you are not convinced, visit Gavin Baker.

Fruit Movement

But what it is that has in this movement that as much attracts ones, at the same time that cause repulses in others. The objective of this part of the gift obre is only to display, and this of not deep form, some of the things that have in this movement. You may find PCRM to be a useful source of information. Mrcio Argachof, in a work that the Fruit of the Deceit in the Body wrote under the G-12 heading of Christ, work this finding in the site, signs up some things which point as good in the movement, although to write to fight it. These things are, according to it, the meetings in the houses of the believers, or cells; the sanctity search; the intense conjunct for an intention and a systematic work of evangelizao. On the other hand to this, it has strange things to the Word of God, as, as the dither of the dreams, through which, according to Castellanos, a transformation in the real world can be made, bringing to the reality what we incubamos in our minds (a plagiarism of Paul Yonggi Cho); used techniques of regression in ' ' Meeting with Deus' ' , where the encontristas are taken to repeat a conjunct where the shepherd says that God chose in them since the womb of our mother, and then asks for to whom if they imagine since the instant of the conception, passing for the uterine life, as he dealt it to God with love, until its birth; the necessity of the participation in Meeting so that it has true repentance; the necessity of if pardoning to all, even though the God to get rid itself; the confession of sins the leaders; the theology of the prosperity; practical judaizantes, as to touch shofar for ' ' to call the Espirito Santo ' ' ; reduction of the value of the shepherd; bigger emphasis in the amount that in the quality of the believers; the creative calls jejuns, as, for example, jejum of the delights, where the person chooses some delights of its preference and if she abdicates of them for some time; the ostensive search for speaking in languages; the valuation of all and any tradition as old and bad thing; etc.

Portuguese Language

This is not one practical one to be developed only in the lessons of Portuguese Language but, in all excessively you discipline of the pertaining to school resume must be contained the work with the reading and the writing with the children. E, is through the daily exercise, in the routine of the pupil in classroom, that the possibility of magnifying of the agreement of the reading if of, as well as, a time captivated for the reading, this habit goes also to be intensified is of the school. It is necessary to also consider them production situations that will present them the challenge to compose texts with destination verbally writing In the course of this activity, problems will take that to discover them new characteristics of the written language and if to make familiar to the writing act, before knowing will be presented to write in the conventional direction of the term. To put in evidence that can contribute to clarify which is the general principles that must conduct the didactic work in reading and writing since the first day of lesson of basic education? or of the daily pay-school? throughout all the escolaridade. (LERNER, 2001). Professor of Internet Governance insists that this is the case. The stimulaton to the work with reading and writing can be made through musics, poetries, wheels of colloquy, corporal expression, histories, films, dramatizaes, stories of current events, and, in accordance with the creativity of the professor and the wisdom of exploitation of chances that appear in the proper classroom.

2.3.2. Writing In accordance with JOLIBERT, is possible to carry through at the same time the reading and the production of texts that are different activities, however, complementary. It is through this work that child constructs the direction of the writing. (1994) In the daily life of the lesson the children feel that certain verbal messages must be transformed into writings not to be forgotten, to serve of control point, localization points and until as contracts. (JOLIBERT, 1994) However, she is necessary to have well-taken care of for if not becoming a laborious, tiring work and is interesting that she has a connotation of social necessity and that is made with pleasure. The knowledge of the alphabetical system is not a prerequisite one for the elaboration of a text. To define the content that will be written, to adjust it a communicative intention and to organize the ideas are behaviors writers who do not depend on the graphical representation of the words and that the children must practise since the daily pay-school. One in the ways to work you are

So Paulo

At a time where the scientific research is disponibilizando trustworthy comments of what it happens in the interior of our minds, the study of the neurofisiolgicas bases of the meditation and its reverted conclusions it welfare of the man, if they become emergent. Still we detach the question of making physician in the contemporaneidade, mainly ahead of crisis situations. Ktia El-ID, teacher, researcher and coordinator of periods of training (with focus in the clinical performance in crisis contexts), in the University catholic of So Paulo understand that the challenges of the clinical contemporary are innumerable and have each time more, shown to new forms of malaise and mental suffering, for its imbricao with the context partner economic politician and. Each time more, the psychology professional if has come across with the necessity to make use and to construct new resources for the received work of of the patients in these diverse contexts in crisis (EL? ID, s/ano). The neurofisiologia of the meditation seems to vdar has supported to the proposal of the use of this technique as therapeutical or psicoteraputico resource, since known that you for the Federal Advice of Psychology. 2 DEVELOPMENT 2,1 the BRAZILIAN MEDITATION AND RESEARCHERS We have the understanding deck the Gestalt-therapy, due to its opening in terms of techniques used in the clinical interventions, propitiates an ample gamma of possibilities for the use of meditation in its practical clinics. The Institute of Gestalt-therapy of the Bahia promoted in its recent Course of Formation in the Boarding an ample conceptual specter in its programming. It enters the subjects to be developed, the Institute considers the study of zen buddhism and taosmo, as well as the quarrel regarding paradigm. It considers the study of the quantum paradigm, the holographic model, the mrficos fields, the quarrel regarding the transpessoal dimension of the being in the uncommon relation and its states of conscience.

Philippe Lejeune

Philippe Lejeune sociologist Maurice Halbwachs was one of the authors who more contributed for the understanding of the meaning of the collective memory. It lived at the beginning in Paris of the century and was a deep expert of the philosophical debate of the time. After its initial academic formation as disciple of Bergson, was leaned over on the works not published of Leibnitz.

Later, it resigned completely to assertive the philosophical ones of its time and looked a new theoretical inspiration in the work of sociologist mile Durkheim, of who if it became collaborator. The first academic work why he was known was on social classrooms, where already it defended the argument of that the attributed identity the workers could not be pointed only from the form of insertion of determined social groups in the economic activity. Since its nomination as professor of the University of Strasbourg, Halbwachs dedicated the study to it of the memory and was, in fact, the first one scholar to emphasize the social character of the memory. It has 70 years, it already affirmed that everything what we remember the past is part of collective constructions of the gift. Of this form, a classic reference as for the subject of the memory became, therefore its proposals had passed to be used as starting point for expressive reflections, following the increasing interest for the memory as field of inquiry. In the workmanship There mmoire collective (the collective memory), published in 1950, after its death in the concentration camp of Buchenwald, it presents the memory as a social phenomenon, examines and argues the reconstruction of the souvenirs thinking about the scope of the social relations and the groups of conviviality. In this workmanship, the author searchs to understand the individual memory considering the individual as a social being, integrated in social ways that conform its perception concerning the seen and/or tried events.


Bush may be losing much popularity in the U.S. and in Europe, but today his image appears within many flags that celebrated the independence of Kosovo. The Republic that name and Kosovo Albanians are a rare exception within around from 55 Muslim countries that are in the Muslim world. While the bulk of the Islamic world is growing a rejection before Bush, most of them cheer us President. Albania, moreover, maintains occupation troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and Islamist terrorist prisoners that U.S. Connect with other leaders such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger here. receives.UU.

He does not dare to hold at Guantanamo. In mid-1997, Bush, having been the target of heavy street protests in his tour of Germany and Italy, was very welcome in Albania. From 1944 to 1992 it was the only Muslim State which had a proletarian dictatorship atheistic and totally closed to the United States.UU. When the Soviet bloc was lined with Khrushchev (early 1960s), Albania was the only European fan of Stalin regime. After having the planned economy and most isolated from planet estatizada, Albania makes every effort to open up its economy to the Western market. Soon this Republic would come to NATO as a step towards the European Union. Bush has been responsible for cultivating the Albanian power popular support to become the godfather of the independence of Kosovo.