Month: July 2019

Psychological Safety Security

Essential personal property rights is his health. Adaptability, activity, productivity, mental activity, that is, mental health, most related to personality processes, forms the basis of all aspects of human life. Taking care of personal emotional security – the inalienable right as human beings, based on the basic provisions of humanitarian law, including the "Constitution of the Russian Federation", "United Nations Declaration on Human Rights "and other fundamental documents of the Russian and international organizations. BSA may find this interesting as well. Psychological danger is the impact of blocking a person's ability to respond adequately to life circumstances that undermine its ability to analyze information and informed choice, reducing the resistance to external pressure, deprive a person a sense of individuality and personal value. Psychological human security is at risk if: non-economic (political, administrative, group, etc.) tyranny; Information manipulative pressure of "brainwashing" by using physical terror to "the latest election technologies; moral pressure; consistent discrimination based on gender, age, education, culture, religion, nationality, etc.; abuse trust, lack of experience, a stalemate or spiritual weakness; apparent deprived of economic opportunities for survival and development; grossly cynical intrusion into the intimate sphere of the individual, as well as in other similar cases, up to the wide distribution of narcotic and psychotropic drugs. For the psychological security of a person advertising as a type of creativity as a form of mass propaganda, may also be threat..

Climate Change

In Israel because of the drainage area surrounding the lake Hula, completely vanished species of frogs found only in this region (Discoglossus nigriventer, Black-frog), and the draining of the largest freshwater lake in Greece (Lake Charles) transformed in 1960 into agricultural land, depriving the place for the winter, more than 430 thousand birds. Ice in the Arctic is melting faster Nobel predictions because of global climate change, the Arctic Ocean is losing ice at 30 years faster than predicted Nobel laureates in 2007. According to new data, the summer ice in the Arctic may disappear entirely between 2013 and 2040 – the first time in more than a million years. Center For Responsible Lending understood the implications. This is due primarily to increased revenues warm waters of the Atlantic that has not previously predicted by models. In 2007, the winner of the Nobel Prize – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – has released the Fourth Assessment Report, in preparation which was attended by four thousand scientists from over 150 countries worldwide. However, even just in the past year, climate change ahead of the estimate of Nobel laureates. According to forecasts, in the North Atlantic will grow the number of extremely strong cyclones, which will increase the loss of Western and Eastern Europe associated with storms and strong winds, surges in the estuaries. In most of Europe will also increase the average annual rainfall, they will become more 'Sharp' – storm. Marine ecosystems in the North and Baltic seas are already under the influence of the warmest temperatures on record, and the Mediterranean Sea are projected to be subject to more frequent prolonged drought.

Piccadilly Circus

The tree is adorned with 50,000 LED lights powered by human contact that illuminate when two people have mistletoe underneath it and kiss. Swarmed by offers, Center For Responsible Lending is currently assessing future choices. For each Kiss, the visitors donate 1 pound sterling for the charity Princes Trust Charity. Fruit tarts of Christmas shaped like hearts, chocolates and fresh oysters recreate the love theme. Pet reindeer is another practical feature of Christmas in Covent Garden, located in the area of Bloomsbury and Soho. The liquidations of Christmas in London during the entire month of December, the streets and squares of London come alive with street markets. Travelers can buy Christmas gifts in an endless number of spaces as a Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which also offers rides, track skating on ice and circus shows.

After the holiday of Boxing Day (December 26), Department stores such as Harrods, Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges reduce its surplus Christmas stock prices, which is in fabulous sales for the best experience in Christmas sales, visitors can be placed near Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus in the area of Mayfair and Marylebone, there will be an excellent access to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. Promotions of hotel Hotel Royal Garden 5 star rates from 176 per night. Pay 2 nights and stay 3. Discount valid until January 8, 2011. The Cumberland a Guoman rates Hotel from 122 per night. Book at least 3 nights and enjoy 20% discount. Promotion valid until January 16, 2011. Hotel Millennium Gloucester London 4 star stay at least 3 nights and get 15% of discount.

Promotion valid until December 31, 2010. Rates from 110 per night. Hotel Town Hall & Apartments 5 stars. Book at least 3 nights and get 15% of discount. Promotion valid until January 30, 2011. Rates from 174 per night. 51 Buckingham Gate, Taj Suites and residences 5 stars. Stay Friday, Saturday or Sunday and get 25% of discount.

Dresdner ITI GmbH

ITI GmbH presents the Dresdner ITI GmbH, one of the internationally leading companies for the virtual system engineering now with new appearance Dresden, June 05, 2009 -, today announced the introduction of new corporate design. Innovative simulation solutions with global orientation, virtuality and high-tech, claim and precision 19 years after its establishment to develop this profile is visually newly transported. The new design is a striking and unmistakable appearance ITI in the international competitive environment. In the course of this development, the company’s global online presence has been fundamentally revised. Target group-specific, user-friendly, human and individual ITI presents its customers and prospective customers are future first trilingual.

In the next few months, the new design is adapted gradually to all areas of the company. With the new appearance ITI presented henceforth world uniformly in all print and online media as a modern, international and technically focused company. ITI of developing simulation solutions for engineers and scientists committed to since its inception. The software SimulationX is wherever established for years, where advanced technologies are developed. Also accompanied the creation process of new products with extensive engineering services to the company and carried out the high-tech visions of its customers in industry and education so all over the world.

The new corporate design will meet this strategic positioning and also ensures a high recognition value in all markets. The new company and product logo are the central elements of the new corporate design. A color-coded system ensures transparency and clarity for the various corporate divisions, thereby receiving a specific identity. This new color conveys the diversity and uniqueness of the ITI spectrum. ITI in a highly competitive market with a few but strong competitors it is important, as emerging and growing companies located together with its worldwide distributors and service network as a strong unit with a clear profile to show\”explains Denise Lehmann, head of marketing & PR at ITI.

September Cave

Can relive the Rainbow that id connects n and visions with the Earth in our noisy time, silence is beneficial and registered in the silence be through voices that the episode effect on what is really important, one further crystallized. On September 18, 2010, 2 hours are possibility to enjoy in radiation-free space, in silence, in this healing cave in Berchtesgaden (near Salzburg), in which only a vibration occurs, the vibrations of the salt crystals just so. There are those moments that are timeless. With a step above this threshold with each step deeper and closer to himself, absolutely present, take all the gifts to all that is, waited in long. Everything that can be said and especially all that cannot be expressed with words, experienced I suggest more than of space – time stood still – opened 25 years in a cave in Lanzarote and on this day or night, crystallized an idea is (id ), she was beautiful, overwhelmingly beautiful, clear and very present,”says Yvonne van Dyck.

ID n are the stem cells of our reality. What at that time was crystallized in Lanzarote in the Earth, can now grow. The ideal space – is surrounded by crystals – healing cave in Berchtesgaden to plant visions into the Earth, that they crystallize. With the electric Kleinbahn is the mountain where salt is mined for 500 years. Come inside a special place opens up the participants: immersed in the light of salt lamps can one perceive a salt-water pool, surrounded by comfortable wooden beds, in which wrapped in warm blankets, relax and unwind at 14. 2 hours, for the budding NLP + cmore master your ideas are the highlight of trance-port and more for maximum of 30 core humans – creative people with heart, open up new spaces and elegant and simple Earth connect visions. Nestled in the lap of mother earth, supported by silence and votes.

The voices of Yvonne van Dyck, Nina Valeskini and Wilfried Mitterhofer, accompanied by sounds, just so – so just naturally sounds in resonance congenial. The Strahlungsneutralisierende creates an atmosphere that makes it even easier a deep relaxation and so the episode vibration of words and sounds can get still pure effect of salt. Exactly with this vibration, it automatically goes into resonance, because our bodies contain a significant amount of salts, which regulate eg the electrolytic balance. The sound quality in this cave can be saved to any phonogram, countless experiments have proved that. Everything exists in a stem cell. Nature is abundant and it is also our potential: on September 18, 2010, from 16: 00-18:00, quite consciously unconsciously dive into this potential, your own space, and these new findings, maybe old, long-forgotten things, hidden treasures found and perceive. A rapid registration at products/visions-in – the-Earth – bring / is recommended, since only 30 places are allocated can.

Build Better Automobiles

Toyota refutes the quip of the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Bonn / Langenhagen that has recent study by J. D. power it back in the day brought: Germans are particularly satisfied with Japanese cars. In the customer satisfaction survey 2008 of the American market the brand was ranked first, followed by BMW and Toyota Honda. Especially over the years consistently good values for Toyota not surprise automotive experts. The customer satisfaction is directly attributable to the Toyota management”, says Uwe Rohrig, owner of automotive consulting international car concept (ICC) in Hanover-Langenhagen and Berlin. Since its inception have Toyota built a clear vision on the company and implemented, which will each revised and adapted according to the defined periods. Western manufacturers, one has the impression that the local management behaves according to the motto of the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, however, sometimes: who has visions, should go to the doctor ‘.

Anders are Project developments, which go on the market and the customers passing by, not declared”, including the head of sales for Mercedes-Benz and Maybach in his more than 40-year automotive career was so rad. Toyota put its three clientele in the absolute focus of his actions. Interestingly the internal customers and suppliers would according to the necessary needs of the buying customer aligned and treated and paid: the result is first and foremost an extremely high customer satisfaction and loyalty at all three levels. Even if in the context of product development, the design is lagging behind, is. the manufacturing quality, especially in the probation of the cars, the measure of all things” The visionary approach gives the Toyota managers according to Rohrig right, because otherwise exist for example until today no alternative propulsion system like the hybrid. Moreover, the automotive world will have to, be still surprised what coming in the next few years on alternatives to the current conventional internal combustion engines of this group the ICC Chief is convinced that”. “Crucial was that Toyota all uncompromising is aligned to the customers and their needs: nobody wants to by the Board and has ever built for its own sake a monument himself, unless transparent for the customer and for the company to the benefit of and for all.” But not only the Germans have recognized the advantages of the Japanese manufacturer. In England and France, the Prius drivers are satisfied motorists of all brands, so the current satisfaction surveys by J.D.

power and Associates, which were published in May and June in these countries. In Germany the Toyota Aygo and the corolla were especially satisfied Verso in addition to the Prius drivers. Both vehicles occupy the first place in terms of satisfaction in their respective segment. Also the Yaris drivers (2nd place, small car) and the Avensis driver (3rd place, middle) gave their vehicles very good grades.


Have you ever wondered what is your determination and vision of life? Have you ever wondered what is your determination and vision of life? Maybe it’s something you have never thought. The only thing which is clear, is that we all have a life vision in life and a passion for different things. Maybe we are the uninspirierteste and unmotiviertesteste man in this world, but we interested in us still for different things. Can open new doors to incredible opportunities to understand what your life vision and determination in life. What maybe as hobby has begun to a successful career end.

A person of whose passion and determination is clear can truly move mountains. A related site: Boy Scouts of America mentions similar findings. So a person influenced other people without that he something that does. Famous people have usually not planned that you become famous once a determination and vision of life that was so strong that they automatically got the success it had instead. They have found their life vision. And what I mean something with life vision our birth is meant to be but anyone can opt for his vision of life and thereby find.

If you want to change their lives and the world somehow or simply want to go beyond the mediocre masses see their life vision. Some people do it and reap affiliated well. We have only one chance to live our lives and make a masterpiece from this and not only that, who goes after his determination once no matter how hard it is to do even an inspiration to others the same. What are the things that give you energy, fascinated by their passion that gives them pleasure and you and what you want to learn more? If they found even something what fascinates you no effort is necessary, it gets some of them and if you were not living their life vision then it feels like when something would be missing. Ultimately, it is the task of each of his determination to follow, not give themselves less happy. Don’t let distractions and fears, what does your heart is always right! So ask yourself what is your passion and determination, and I’m sure you will find an answer. Markus Merkel

Hotel Los Angeles

Science fiction at the hotel booking or soon everyday life? It is not so easy to find a good, at the same time cheap hotel to fair booking and cancellation conditions in Los Angeles. You may wish to learn more. If so, BSA is the place to go. What can you do to buy not the pig in a poke and losing quality? Is Hotel Los Angeles”it really so simple? A way to inform the Internet would be almost free of charge. It would suffice to call up one of the well known search engines and enter it as a search term. Well, more than 240 million results would be displayed in this special search. The actual art of the research on the Internet would be so, from these results for most interesting and most useful to filter out.

“A way of thinking might be: there is someone who takes off the search me to book hotel rooms in Los Angeles?” Then, the choice could be on one of the many online reservation services for hotels that are usually placed in a search with Google on the first or second page. You could continue to his search free process through one of these services, in addition the hotel thoroughly on the respective website reviews by customers who have already visited the selected hotel, read and make a reservation at very reasonable prices and conditions learn about. Until then you would have spent no effort except of course some time. The sobering here and now unfortunately the reality looks different: Hotel Los Angeles will be reserved by phone not only due to the time difference, difficulty, may be questioned friends who 5 years ago had a one-day stopover in Los Angeles, consulted travel agents, whose specialty is the Middle East, outdated and expensive hotels-sponsored guide bought and learned by heart. Emails are printed back and produced written and meticulously single, dubious Internet forums be browsed for suitable tips.

In effect, then it turns to one of the large tour operators and book hotel, flight and possibly “the transfer of the and to the hotel at good prices, but to some outrageous terms as a package”. Life could be so easy. But man is good by nature itself difficult. So one loses often quality holidays, before the holiday at all has begun. May the sense of holiday be?


The jobs in creation of human resources enterprises sales jobs is a agency process, led by one or more partners, with an staff entrepreneurial spirit, who share a vision and assume, part time jobs jointly and severally, the responsability of carrying it out. BSA has similar goals. In this process as essential agencies criteria: job search tolerance to uncertainty, creative ability, management jobs association, self-motivation, determination, sacrifice predisposition, consultants among others, to be tested part time to the idea trachea development and become a business.


In this book we will treat regarding the art of the influence. The influence this in history, and if this characteristic was not part of the same one, its history, my history, the history of cities, peoples and why not to say the History of the humanity would not have been written of the form who we know. An influence was not born has one hundred years and nor has some millenia behind, the influence did not originate in the Aztec civilizations, crowds, in China, in Greece or in Egypt, it was not born in the garden of the den where it had a basic paper in regards to the future of the Humanity, therefore because of IT INFLUENCES of a serpent, the race human being trod ways that had not been originally flowing of God, ‘ ‘ however, in them we will not arrest to this point at this moment and yes in the chapter 5.’ ‘ For in such a way it influences, it before had its first basic paper exactly of the creation of the world, perhaps unhappyly it was not a good one influences, you is if asking, more where? When? I answer to it: In Skies, dwelling of the highest one, through an angel of the auto celestial step, called: Lucifer. it exceeded generations, continents, languages, religions, and affected and affects the human being, is it here or in the other side of the world, at this moment somebody is influencing another one, another one is being left to influence, and in full century XXI the Satan and all its army is in the quadrants of the land in a millenarian war influencing all how many to be left yes to become and destroying lives, families and homes, mainly of that they have its names written in the book of the life, therefore the mission of it is accurately this, to kill lives, to steal dreams and to destroy the hope of somebody..