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Let’s talk about building in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. During construction, finishing, construction products always apply finishing materials. Often, builders, finishers seeking means for building portals, online magazines about the construction and sale of building materials and the provision of services in construction and finishing. We talk about the application and use of foam insulation polyethylene in various fields of human activity. The most important factor when using a heater is its clever use for insulation of facades and walls from the inside, as well as attic insulation or attic. In the insulation of the building, note the warming of the floor. Insulation for the floor should be of the highest quality, and isolation does not necessarily have to be expensive, the best option price must correspond to quality.

It should be noted that insulation of polyethylene foam has a reliability, durability and which is important in building long-term durability. It is important that insulation for the floor over time did not deformed. When using insulation materials in homes IMPORTANT: – that insulation does not contain binders such as phenolic resins – does not crumble, do not emit harmful fumes – did not cause irritation skin, was completely harmless to human health and pets and most importantly that insulation is not subject to rotting of the above factors, we can afford to use insulation foam polyethylene in a residential area. When warming the floor mats are used polyethylene foam, mats must be installed in close to each other, checking the areas where insulation is joined to the wall (do not leave a gap) Care must be taken not only that the floor was insulated with high quality. To heat the house is well maintained in need to think about wall insulation. They can be warmed Stenofonom. This type of insulation is simple to use and installation does not uneasiness.

Environmental Law

PIG, Ana Claude. Full Licenciatura in Letters, After-graduanda in Ambient Management, Head of the RDS Piagau Purus. BENTES, Mrcio. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Biologist, Postgraduate in Engineering of the Ambient Management, Tc of the Agent Program Ambient SUMMARY: The purpose of this article is to present the importance of the activities of ambient education promoted by the voluntary ambient agents in units of conservation of sustainable use in the state of Amazon. The community is convoked to promote activities of sensitization and awareness with the participation of all. The agents are indicated for its communities to be able, monitored and credential to promote action of protection and ambient education in these units of conservation. During the workshops the participativa methodology, that assists the agents to identify to the main conflicts and the ambient problems, with the purpose is adopted to facilitate the process of construction of the plan of work with activities that they aim at to minimize the main ambient problems for identified them.

In the Reserve of Sustainable Development Piagau Purus the voluntary ambient agents, had promoted ambient lectures, meetings and mutires, as foreseen for the plan of action in its communities in partnership with communitarian associations and other institutions. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: units of conservation, ambient education, voluntary ambient agents, sustainable development. INTRODUCTION the Agent Program Ambient Volunteer was regulated in the State of Amazon through the Advice of Environment of the State of Amazonas/CEMAAM, being co-ordinated by the State Center of Unit of Conservao/CEUC, which is tied to the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development of the State of the Amazonas/SDS, in partnership with the Institute of Ambient Protection of the Amazonas/IPAAM and, mainly, with participation of the traditional communities gifts or to entorno of the units of conservation.

Change Process

If it does not treat solely to diagnosis the current state for, taking in account the way, (that it is what decides on the changes that will have that to assume), ' ' sonhar' ' a desired future, but yes that if it must trace strategies that allow in them to plan as to exceed the obstacles. Soon, the strategical thought must trace a clear diagnosis, taking in account in such a way the way as the existing barriers (the objective and the subjective ones) to plan a strategy that allows to glimpse the desired future. Most important it is after glimpsing this future, this tomorrow metafrico, inclining it, and every day of the life ' ' agarrar' ' the gift, in way to convert it, with passing of the time, in the waited one. This calls effect Merlin (due to legendary mago). It is arrived then at the concept to set in motion strategical, that it is what makes possible, from a future position, to carry itself to direction chosen through the strategy, to go approaching the gift to the desired vision. In the scope enterprise, for the one before displayed, a vital element is to reach a line or strategical direction, that allows to trace a direction, which if adds volunteer enthusiasticly and the collective one that it integrates the company.

For this if much solid in the direction requires a leadership. The effect Merlin consists of being capable to materialize a future glimpsed and drawn of challenging form, to perceive with more clarity the potentialities of the gift and to go attracting it, in a repetitive process and of constant approaches. To get it is essential to delouse itself total of the lapsed usual conceptions. To learn, it has first that to unlearn. The implication in this intention possesss a paper key, as well as the commitment to fight for reaching something better qualitatively. Implication and commitment are not the same. The first one is a certain state of alignment how much to the politics and strategies traced in one determined process. When we relate in them to we make it to the commitment with the meaning of a superior state, to be capable to subordinate individual or particular interests the collective interests.

Good Name

Then he told all he had been talking with friends about the name, an emerging Sebastian. Isaac also seemed like a good name, so that very night was agreed that if it was male, would be called so. “And as you think it could be called if a baby, because the name Lucila has chosen not like Gladys asked Isaac. “I like a lot, but it would be better that we found a name we liked them both, is not it, that’s not counting the two names to steal my friend seem to me an exaggeration, but I love Lucille. “Certainly,” said Isaac and immediately began to write on paper, various women’s names, but they failed to agree to that, wrote Eve.

“I love that name,” Ruth said, “but I do not like the connotation it has. Seem to belong to a branch of politics and we are apolitical in heart *-. “The name is not only beautiful, they put that name Peronist their children. We are neutral so we can use no problem, “Isaac replied very seriously. “You Eve then! – Ruth said emphatically – really, I love it! -. When Sebastian Ruth was born about 5 months I was doing the surgery residency. Of course, I watched his state and his guards and further decreased during the same allowed him to rest more than any other resident, which sometimes caused a reaction that he felt jealous partner recharge to accomplish the task of it. Other partners in change, and almost all their male colleagues and sometimes even medical staff, volunteered to cover it so he could rest.

Automobile Club

What Russian does not like to drive fast? It seems that this rhetorical question is still asked Gogol? And if you drive fast, then, of course, the music (just not at the one in his time listening to Gogol)! Loud music obsession worsens reaction as the driver, who listens to it while driving, and pedestrians who stopped his ears ear of the player and completely "absorbed" into a musical nirvana at the transition. Indeed, listening to music, especially loud, people focus their attention on her, and not on what is happening around them. Conducted by scientists experiments have shown that listening to music while driving reduces the response by 20%. This is very dangerous. Do the math yourself: if your reaction time to brake in the normal state of 1.0 seconds, then 20% – is 0.2 seconds. And 0.2 seconds – is the extra 4.44 m at 80 km / h. Royal Automobile Club (RAC) in the uk has conducted studies and concluded that probability map for red light to loud music is doubled. Continue to learn more with: Nieman Lab. According to the rac executive director Edmund King, loud music is not only inconvenience others, but also may lead to Accidents.

" In Canada, scientists have gone further. The essence of their experiment is that the Volunteers to perform various tasks under different levels of noise – from 53 to 95 dB. 53 dB correspond to normal operating conditions, such as an office, and 95 dB – the level of noise on an oil rig. As the volume of the reaction of volunteers decreased, while in the performance of both physical and mental problems. In addition, the reaction affects not only the volume but also the rhythm of the music. Probability of an accident increases if you hear a rhythmic, aggressive music. or more info. The style of music does not play a special role: it all depends on the punches (music) per minute. If the speed of a musical composition exceeds 60 beats per minute, the man rises heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn reduces the reaction.

Success And Happiness

Here are reviews of prisoners to prove it: "This is not my first success in life, but that success was not just a business or personal life … it is – in my success relationship with the world, my first success on the road to happiness! I would like to express my gratitude to all people engaged in the program Criminon. thanks to you, people gain confidence in myself, I liked it and helped to more clearly the whole reality of what is happening around me, "Way to Happiness" – a modern code of moral values. I realized that every person can change their lives for the better, and I did it, passing part of the program "The Road to Happiness. " … I began to better understand themselves – and with it came an understanding of others. I am glad that I came across this pamphlet, which to me was engaged in discreet "teacher" Anastasia. And I am willing to patiently bear the same simple rules for people and apply them to life itself, thank you, people! SI "" I'll start with the preface: I do not always have the "white and fluffy!" I turned off with the track, on which not even go and rolled – I think all readers will understand where a person can rolled – because an immoral life, ignoring and violating: the law, social norms, rules and traditions of human communication.

… Throughout the entire section of the program Criminon "The Way to Happiness" (This Way, the road along which I walk today) – I realized the meaning of many things, the values of many words and expressions, and statements of definitions, which had no particular significance attached, there was a positive in regards to love. … Now I'm on the Road to Happiness independently, using their knowledge, information, believes that now once lost myself, feeling of responsibility, self-esteem and moral values, not only returned but are actively and energetically embodied in my life. My new life. Sincerely, a graduate of the section "The Way to Happiness", P.S.YU. "Criminon welcomes volunteers who want to improve the lives of others and create a safer society. "Happiness and misery of your friends care about you …

And while no one can guarantee the happiness of another, it is nevertheless possible to increase its chances of survival and happy life. But at the same time will increase and your chances. In your power to point the way to a safer and more happy life "- L. Ron Hubbard. For information, contact: 8926154 55 54 or write to us at: