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Another Solar Power Plant Goes With Solarfortis In Monchengladbach On The Net

Press release of Solarfortis GmbH with the owner company of the property a 20 years lease contract was concluded. The static conditions of the roof and structural design represented a further challenge for the solar energy company. A substructure was developed with a technical planning Office which requires no roof penetration, but still all static requirements. The generator is 3,600 sqm on the approximately 8,000 m roof. The plant will generate in the future each year approximately 430,000 kwh of solar electricity. The photovoltaic system has been equipped with the manufacturer Suntech Power solar modules and inverters Vectron..

The transformer was supplied by the coil. The solar power fed into the grid of the NPT can supply approximately 110 households with clean power. The company Solarfortis GmbH and NOVEN were solar, responsible for the joint project development and realization of the solar Park. Both companies have established themselves was Nov. 15 at the Konrad-Zuse-ring 17 c in MG from here in cooperation more solar projects. Investor and operator of the solar system is the Noven & Steinhauser solar Park. In the coming year of 2010, the Solarfortis in Germany and in the neighbouring country France for private and institutional investors and operators will realize more solar parks with a total capacity of over 30 MW.

More solar power plants with a capacity of approx. 4 MW are planned in the metropolitan area of Monchengladbach. Solarfortis is a project developer and provider of turnkey solar systems for commercial and industrial companies. The solar plants in the direct sales or for own or third operating companies, long term rent large roofs to make PV systems to be built. Noven solar is responsible for the purchasing organization and partners in the development of the project. To ensure the high material requirements particularly in terms of solar modules and inverters, framework contracts concluded in the current year with manufacturers. Contact: Solarfortis GmbH Konrad-Zuse-ring 17c – Borussia Park 41177 Monchengladbach Tel: + 49 (0) 2161 5739750 fax: + 49 (0) 2166 610820 press contact PR global concept 41199 Monchengladbach

Paul Wagner

You offer a gift of supposedly high value and not one that you get on every corner, otherwise is nobody ready explained, register to obtain more information from you. 4 If you can offer anything unique, try quantity offer – to excite potential customers for your amazing offer, offering a whole range of products and information, when they log on. One of my partners going on according to this principle, and it works surprisingly well, because the view’s customers are, that it doesn’t hurt to announce their email address if they get free for so many things. 5. adequate graphics – marketing professionals debate is whether it makes sense to integrate a graphic image (either a product image or a header) in the Web page. Some believe that graphics distract visitors from the essential – namely the heading and the bullet points. I personally believe, that is a picture of the product that you get when you register, a potential customer impression of the quality of the Product gives you.

Do what you think best suitable for your industry and your visitors. 6 Video sells – a good text is the basis for your online success, if you are not a good copywriter, but instead turn a video of yourself where you explain what potential customers you may find. In a short video, you represent the main benefits of an application, and you can see you as a real person who wants to help and not as Internetvermarkter, which only on the fast money is. 7 we talked already about quantities delivery – how quantities delivery on free gifts can lead to more applications. This concept is then just as important. While quantities delivery on great content in your email of the following months is important for your online success, it does not directly affect your current conversion rate (from visitors to customers). Paul Wagner

BASTA! Spring 2010 Brings.NET World To Darmstadt

BASTA! Spring 2010 ‘ the best of best practices’ Frankfurt am Main, December 2009: the BASTA!, Germany’s largest independent Conference topics .NET Visual Studio, SQL Server and co., is 22-February 26, 2010 at the Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt instead. Like hardly any other European Conference in the.NET environment provides that, BASTA! technological knowledge concentrated over 10 years presented by internationally renowned speakers on. Among the speakers of the BASTA! Is therefore also back such names as UDI Dahan, Ingo Rammer, Christian Gross, Manfred Steyer, Hadi Hariri, Oliver Sturm, Christian Weyer, Christian Wenz, Andrew Clymer and many more find spring 2010. In terms of content she wait BASTA! with a varied spectrum ranging from Silverlight 3.0, Windows azure and Windows 7 on Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio Team System 2010 to c# 4.0 and SharePoint 2010. In addition to the wide range of the main Conference, topics more intensively illuminate various special days important .NET.

Moderated by well-known experts, they offer special Knowledge comprehensive days in numerous lectures and an ideal setting for Exchange of experience and discussions. Following special days offered: + architecture/ALM day on February 22, 2010 + c# of days on 23 and 24 February 2010 + VB days from 24 to 26 February 2010 + SharePoint days on the 24th and 25th February 2010 as always stands at the BASTA! the practical knowledge to the fore. Best practices, hands-on power workshops and countless sessions give important help on the way for the daily work. During the accompanying exhibition of the BASTA! The participants have also the possibility to inform themselves at numerous leading companies about their products and solutions spring 2010. More information on the Conference, the program and the exhibition are available at available. Patrick Schwenk Basta spring

Offer For Puppy Owners

These tips provide a useful supplement to the puppy school Homberg (Efze), 5.11.2013 the IHKBHV-certified dog trainer and behavior consultant Claudia Hussmann offers tips and tricks for puppy owners for some time on its Web site, that want to educate their puppies in a nice way. Away from dominance theory, and to a fair and partnership dealing with the dog aims. You’d think it has spread now, that you can educate dogs very well with rewards. Unfortunately, it’s still that worked at the dog training often with psychological pressure or even physical exposure. Claudia Hussmann trying for years to convince that it is without violence in their dog training dog owners. Instead, training about the so-called positive reinforcement is the method of choice rewards in their dog school. When the puppy, the focus being put on the desired behavior. Reward the puppy makes it (still) rather than wait for a mistake”happens and then to punish them, requires rethinking the most puppy owners first. Instead of asking how I can get this or that naughtiness my puppy?”meet the people to think about what could I with my puppies instead of the undesirable behavior train?” Already, only jump for example, Instead of the puppy and him runterzuschubsen r, he is rewarded when he comes running but before he ever jumps up. Unfortunately never enough time is a puppy an hour a week, to address all issues. With the tips and tricks on every puppy owner has the opportunity to deal with this kind of training and get Additionally a lot of tips for everyday life. Claudia Hussmann operates a dog training and dog boarding house for over 15 years, is engaged in the rehabilitation of difficult animal protection dog and since many years puppy group. Since this year she has also successfully webinars around on the dog.

Intelligence Spiritual Heart

Current society lives human experience with great suffering, before any field that you look at, whether in the economic, political, education, ecology, among other aspects outside of existence, as in inner of each human being, we found imbalances which produce a range of possitive, which make you look more chaos, uncertainty and injustice, which call into question the continuity of human existence on the planet. We know that any result or effect, either positive or negative, had an origin or cause, then what is the origin of the situation so chaotic, full of suffering and pain experienced by mankind? Spirituality is not about to live on certain religious beliefs, the spirituality that proposes the holistic education is a secular spirituality and this is understood as a direct experience of the Universal; Express Dr Ramon Gallegos is a direct, immediate, internal, experience of expansion of consciousness and experience of the whole, where we recognize our true nature and brings as result a sense of peace, certainty, clarity, wisdom, compassion and universal love (Gallegos Nava, r. 2007. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from HAAS. p.23). Spiritual intelligence (IEs), is the intelligence of upper level, which includes and transcends the emotional intelligence and intelligence intellectual, but unfortunately the spiritual intelligence that has been suppressed, has been on one side and been left out of the curriculum in educational systems; If you really want to form the human being integrally and through education promote the development of spiritual intelligence, so that society can solve problems with the perspective of thinking globally and acting locally, is necessary to recognize that learning there is a spiritual dimension, in addition to the cognitive, social, emotional, aesthetic and fisica-corporal dimensions; in this sense the holistic education is the context that truly promotes the integral formation, because spirituality is at the heart of education holistic, that will allow human beings to develop their spiritual intelligence, that the take to behave in a virtuous manner. .

Enterprise Management

Let me remind you that the starting point for Development automation market has become the first exhibition of "Enterprise Management", held in November 1998. With this event, the press began to regularly publish articles about the automation systems for managing now (and not just about information technology in the form of "glands"). In this regard, the Russian market was slightly more "advanced" in terms of the number of submitted systems (including the "Western"), but the quality particularly differences were not observed (this can say with complete certainty, since 1996, I constantly watched and followed the development of Russian market). The main characteristic of the Ukrainian market then was that there is a suggestion some products for automation, but buyers are not particularly in a hurry with the acquisition of any system – it was very much a new direction and a very strange and costly In regard to CRM-systems, it was much easier – if This concept was generally unknown to the market. Accordingly, the customers for the product "was not observed on the horizon." And it was quite understandable, especially given the "transcendental" value of these products (as well as other 'Western' systems). Minimum "reasonable" project on such a system would cost the company at least $ 100,000! But as time went on – our partners in Moscow introduced the CRM-system Clientele at home, and we made a similar attempt in 1999 to try new technology "in itself" (good dealer agreement gave us the opportunity to exploit the basic configuration for free).

Conflict Management: We Have A Conflict – Na And?

In a new conflict management seminar by Voss + partner participants to learn for changes use conflicts. We have a conflict and? Conflicts of use for changes”is the title of a new seminar, conducting the Hamburg-based training and consulting firm Voss + partner in the Hanseatic City for the first time from September 20 to 22. In the three-day seminar, the participants learn that conflicts will arise again and again when people and organizations cooperate with each other and work together. See Childrens Defense Fund for more details and insights. Since then regularly different opinions, assessments, as well as interests collide with each other. It is accordingly important for executives to know what distinguishes between conflicts, for example, by differences of opinion so that they know which early; according to Voss + partner Managing Director Julia Voss, Furthermore, they know what conflicts they should intervene and which (temporarily) not for example, because they detract from the performance. Learn all of this Participants in the seminar. They also learn techniques to conflicts that exist, to make besprechbar between members of your team and with them are solutions to negotiate, mutually acceptable and also viable for example, because they do not run contrary to the interests of the company.

This include a case study illustrating the different ways to respond to conflicts is used as a learning tool. Get also train participants in role-playing games, to behave, that all parties actively participate in the search for a solution, itself but not in the firing line for moderating conflicts”. On the basis of specific conflicts from their workday check then, to what extent proved the elaborated approach. “The participation in the seminar, we have a conflict na and?” 1495 euros (+ VAT) For more information contact interested companies at the Voss + Partner GmbH (,; Phone: 040/7900767-0). On request, Voss + partners also in-house conducting the seminar.

The Facts

Simple and complex facts. Complex acts are those which have multiple items, or require the concurrence of several events, for they are considered organic units; for example: contract, however – be taken into account – it would be wrong to say that the complex facts are a sum of simple facts. On the contrary, the simple facts are those that consist of a single element, that means manage to perform or provide for a single event or omission. Their difference in both lie in that both the facts simple and complex; the first are those events that only have an event to produce a legal effect indicated, the latter require the successive event of more a fact legal to cause a given legal effect. See FCDO for more details and insights. The facts natural and volunteers: in legal literature, to the first, also, we can know them as involuntary legal acts in the strict sense, are those executed events without discernment, intention nor freedom, because what is lacking is the will of the agent that performs them; in other words: are those in which do not intervene the voluntary conduct of the man, such as death, birth, an earthquake causing loss of life and property, a barrage, the majority of age, etc. In short: are only those which produce legal effects without any it intervention the will of the subject. EJ. The passage of time (prescription Arts.950, 1989 C.C) co-ownership (Arts.964 DC) fortuitous and force majeure (Arts.1315 and 1317 C.C) natural accession (Arts.936, 939,940 C.C) made volunteers, are known as well because they have as source or guideline to human acts.A human behavior that consist of perform, execute an action or abstention human (that one or other produce) but that it believed foreign doctrine in regard to these kinds of facts, first of all, based on the legal facts is understood by the Germans like any natural events or human right consequences producer.

Payroll Quick

In the new version, the new calculation was already applied during the December settlement. Also AFS-EAR extensive changes in the law to be observed are regularly at the turn of the year in the field of accounting. As as for example are: current ELSTER Interface 2012 updates VAT form 2012 current duration extension form 2012, ZM message now also monthly possible Walker form 2011, adjustment of AfA management the new depreciation rules, GDPdU export, archive function (saves automatically all submitted to the tax authorities data), Elster, ZM messages, online testing of EGID numbers, as well as improvements in the matching with the AFS-goods economic programs. Now SSE software offers also an additional wage – and salary software: quick pay by AFS. The main difference to AFS wages and salaries is that the SV-reports and income tax declarations can be sent to the tax office and insurance automatically in one step through the software – ELSTER and DAKOTA are therefore null and void.

With quick pay by AFS wage and Payroll can be handled quickly and easily. The software offers everything to pay a good wage program and this includes special extras such as the management of working time accounts or the settlement of short-time working. Over 2,500 satisfied Companies in the areas of crafts, industry, services, trade and payroll offices and tax advisors set at the Payroll Quick wage by AFS. Connect with other leaders such as Starsky Wilson here. The various versions of quick pay by AFS offer tailored features for almost every industry. Quick pay by AFS optimally adapts itself to the needs of the following industries: General industries (services, industry, trade and crafts) Construction (building and civil engineering, drywall, carpentry, Tiler,…) Painter Roofing Gardening and landscaping firms Every user of quick pay by AFS Gets a username and the corresponding password Accountant / Payroll Office. Thus, he can log in quick pay by AFS Login Center and upload the encrypted logon file that was created in the software.

Israelites Word

An invitation to think there is an ancient science where the names are a pre-announcement of the personality of its owners. There is a previous belief still born scientists sealants (worshipers of the Hermes Dios), where names were Cryptograms or subjective representations of your holders; sometimes messages likely to be Interpretados through the hermeneutics. Thus for example the word AMEN in Spanish is generically accepted as so and is used as a distinctive word of a form of writing religious there are many instances where this name appears in the Bible. On the other hand it is convenient to note that they love, it is a word that in transliterated form is the same as in Egyptian, Hebrew language, latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon, English and Spanish. I do note that Hebrew old God the father was identified with the AHMAN word of curious parallel with AMEN. AHMAN is a title given to God for the Israelites in captivity in Egypt.

This name was known by the Egyptians and applied to some of their deities, written with some deformations, e.g.: AMON RA. In relation to these interesting definitions, the biblical Jewish encyclopedia noted in its definition of AMEN, that its meaning is identico for Jews and Mohammedans, adding to its manifestation of acquiescence! that something fervent happens, that this word is also formed by the initials of to Melej Neeman Hebrew: God, true King, this knowledge is a powerful support to the definition which the Bible Dictionary makes this as old word which defines as; Firm. Faithful and true. It continues to be significant, that love is the third person of the imperative of the verb AMAR, since the biblical Scripture says that God is love. Moreover, it is interesting to note the origin of the names of many things that make up the reality surrounding the subject (I this situated in an activity of consciousness which we cannot access on the eve of the reason therefore we call the unconscious).