A Jewel Of Tuscany Siena

Siena is one of the jewels of the Italian Tuscany. More information is housed here: Nieman Foundation. Located between hills and surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, Siena stands out as example of a medieval city. This feature makes that Unesco declared its historic heritage in 1995.Siena is home to one of the oldest and most important universities in Italy, law and medicine to be their most prominent faculties. Professor of Internet Governance may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This gives the city youth and cultural environment that has always characterized it.In the center of the city the famous Piazza del Campo, is fan-shaped, and in which is located the City Hall with its distinctive Campanile. In addition to their undeniable architectonic beauty, this square is known for hosting the Palio, famous equestrian competition of medieval atmosphere in which the different purchased or slums of the City faced.

This popular race held twice a year, on July 2 and August 16. It is a very popular event and attracts a multitude of people to Siena, so it must be taken into account for any visits to the city since it is difficult and expensive find accommodation.Another great monument of Siena is its Cathedral, representative example of Italian Gothic architecture. Highlights its main facade, designed by Giovanni Pisano.Al North of Siena is the region of Chianti, famous for the wines that are produced there, and where are other beautiful cities as San Giminiano.Esta city is historic rival of Florence, with which it has always competed in all aspects: size, importance, economy, culture and even sporting events. Currently this rivalry seems to have little sense that Florence has been that in the end clearly outperformed Siena in importance, fame and size with what does not seem a very balanced dispute. Siena original author and source of the article

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