Alexis Jimenez

The Patriarch was eighty-five years old but kept the forces of the Lord to reach big goals. Perhaps you have left side initiatives that stroked for years but relinquished them when the first obstacles, which inevitably led to the discouragement were. I ask you: do believes it is God’s plan for your life that you fit to defeat? No doubt that not. He has great plans for you. Not the slightest doubt that can reach unexpected limits. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Fauci. At the request of Caleb, Joshua blessed him and gave him Hebron as a permanent legacy, inasmuch as he had obeyed Jehova Dios de Israel (verses 13, 14). Time to move forward when we return on the pages of the Bible, we find the record of men and women who, under the protection of God, had very broad visions and far-reaching. You can that its around hear not only defeatist voices, ridicule and criticism, but they were willing to overcome and nothing he would stop them.

Caught in the hand of the one that all can do, is time to awaken us from the lethargy that threatens to govern our thoughts and actions, and make progress towards the realization of those dreams, goals and hopes that we believed plunged into oblivion. You may find that it’s impossible or, perhaps, which can hardly reach what always yearned. It is however wrong. God placed you in the potentialities of a winner. They don’t matter and it is necessary to discard the negative criteria of those who surround us. They perhaps don’t have faith. You and I we affirm faith, why give concrete steps towards the achievement of our aspirations. Furthermore, are convinced that we can succeed where others have failed. Finally, after all, nature that accompanies us is different. Are you willing to to add the series of challenges that will find its way?

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