BAKKUSHAN T-Shirts With Exclusive

Exclusivity describes that the 70s.TYPE category of the online shop at best. So, there, the Bank BAKKUSHAN presents exclusive shirts were specially designed for the shop. The Band BAKKUSHAN should be now each of a term that is familiar with good German rock. But the smart guys from Mannheim are still capable of completely different things. On the occasion of its presentation of a sequence of 70s music magazine, they could in the new category of LMFAO.ART show their artistic skills and an own T-Shirt Design. What they came out with, can all fans in the online shop of under yagaloo type 3-bakkushan / Marvel. The young team of presents a large selection of original and creative designed T-Shirts in different categories.

The range has now been to a 70s.Type section expanded. There, fans will find weekly new shirts of their stars, which were moderate at LMFAO. BAKKUSHAN created a great and especially stylish motif that makes good on every T-Shirt. There are the shirts in various Versions and of course also in different colors and sizes. That not enough everything, which can help take also the shirt designer and with the motif of BAKKUSHAN make a shirt of their choice and then print. The prices of shirts are the crackers. There are the great tops namely from 19.90 euros.

For each sold shirt go even 5 euro directly to amnesty international. Since opening the section LMFAO.Sebastian Hamer and Wayne Jackson have perpetuated in addition to BAKKUSHAN so far way with great ideas. So it is worth to visit a week in the shop. Who wants to put his own creative ideas and concepts, can upload of course personal graphics or photos in the shirt designer and make the own T-Shirt. So everyone has also long enjoyment of the even designed one of a kind, attaches great importance to the high-quality workmanship of the T-Shirts. Daniel Franke

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