Bernd Nowinski

Photovoltaic South knows and uses all common manufacturers of solar modules and advises clients with regard to the needs of incoming. For the system monitoring of photovoltaic systems Stuttgart are useful tools available that can be connected with any PC or even via SMS or email information about loss and income. Here are an alarm function and graphical reports directly. An integrated inverter is converting 12 volts DC to 220 volts AC. Photovoltaic South takes into account the protection of its customers and advises in addition to the insurance of photovoltaic systems against unforeseeable damage, lightning, snow load, vandalism, theft or severe weather. An insurance policy, a possible income loss in one of the previously mentioned Covers cases, is more recommended for very large photovoltaic systems. But also in terms of on these questions the established Installer available customers competently.

Accordingly, contact with photovoltaic South in all questions relating to the acquisition and construction of photovoltaic installations Stuttgart is worth. The professional company in southern Germany is an experienced contact and created like a free quotation. Here is craftsmanship combined with expertise and offers any service in relation to the promising photovoltaic systems in Stuttgart. Company Description electrician Bernd Nowinski has teamed up with his company photovoltaic South in Filderstadt specialized on the production of energy by means of solar power and offers a good advice and long-term care as well as comprehensive know-how. The profitable photovoltaic systems Stuttgart already by the specialists and his team are the best reference of photovoltaic South.

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