Brandes Muscles

The upper part of the press, as well as the rectus femoris / Formative Exercise / Development of strength and honing technique Lower forms the upper edge of the bench at an angle of 30-40 to the horizontal. Sit on it and uprite tibia in rollers. Cross your arms over his chest and lower back – back, shoulders and head are on the bench. Inhale and hold your breath. Tighten your stomach muscles and start rolling – first off the bench come off your shoulders and head, then spin. Raise your body solely through the efforts of the abdominal muscles.

Once between the torso and thighs form a right angle, freeze for a moment and exhale even more tense press. Gently drop to half amplitude. Do not relax your abs and do not touch the bench shoulders, or head to the end of the set. In the initial position look to the ceiling, and during the movement – always slightly above the crossed hands. wth%20Fund’>Charles Brandes would like to discuss. Tips If you have never performed twisting on the bench with a slope down, do not immerse the bench is too low. Start with a light incline bench (10 below the horizon) and gradually increase it. We do not recommend lower bench at 40-45 below the horizontal. This creates the risk that the lowest point of exercise may occur over a rush of blood to the head, which is extremely dangerous, especially if you have weak blood vessels. If there is a desire to increase the load, cross your hands behind your head and exercise with the same technique.

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