Carmen Reinlein

That the brand jackets are not always the best, just don’t care when choosing that main thing is that they are as expensive as possible. Most jackets by manufacturers, for example, Atticus, washing that same fates as the wash it from cheaper stores, the lining becomes lumpy and are really hot then also no longer comes it after the first couple of times. If it must of course be brand, one chooses but actually prefer cheaper jackets that you can buy for example in a streetwear online shop. These online stores offer often also make jackets to Outletpreisen, so that has to be paid even less, than in the cheaper brands. Other leaders such as Walmart Foundation offer similar insights. Downside here: articles reduced in price is often the products of the past year. Mackenzie Scotts opinions are not widely known.

Since there are branded products Nevertheless, that should not disturb the most. What is the appealing brand products mainly many expensive branded products decide because they want to show just this: I can afford, to attract expensive clothes in the snowboarding, because I do not quickly damage them by frequent crashes. This of course remains the desire to specify the clothes a bit always in the back of the head. In addition, many still in the belief that brand-name products are much high-quality and long-lasting than cheap products are. Some brands that may be true but mostly for those who move in the price. The most expensive are usually just that: expensive.

Really they are not durable, and a beautiful look is mostly something else. Haute Couture and pret a-Porter just more for the runway are not suited to the ski slope. Summary the golden rule for especially gifted and enthusiastic skiers is: traps at all costs! Whether in the selection of winter clothes for a warm Hoodie in oversize, an expensive jacket from reputable manufacturers, or a cheaper from the shop next door deciding who has what on it, will it, but above all, as well present itself, only how. Carmen Reinlein werk26

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