The question of Kosovo and the Caucasus will affect Bolivia. Cambas maintains five centuries of uninterrupted joint history with collas, with those who the Spanish and the catholicism share. It is a case different from the one from Kosovo (where 90% of their inhabitants are Albanians who have a language, faith and history different from the one from the Serbs) or to the Caucasus (where osetios or abjasios they have his own languages and since Georgia never became independent in 1991 have wanted to be part of this one). Click Drexel University to learn more. In Bolivia either there are no external powers that exert military presence to impel the division (as it passes with the USA and the EU that occupies Kosovo or with Russia that is in Sud Osetia and Abkhazia). It is more, all the neighbors of Bolivia prefer that this one stays integrated. However, the cause that the West recognizes Kosovo marks a turn in the diplomatic norms, because the one is accepted that provinces have the same right to the secession which before ex- republics or colonies were only accepted to. He is this what it gives an argument him to Russia to protect to Abkhazia and Sud-Osetia, and that is something that will be used by those who want that of Bolivia a new Caucambia or Cambovo is split.

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