The most exciting stories of life are often, and who could tell it better than those who have experienced it. Art stories. The most exciting stories of life are often, and who could tell it better than those who have experienced it. The Club telling station has made in recent weeks and months in the search for exactly these stories. In long and intensive talks with the participating seniors three organizers have artistically edited an aspect of interesting biographies. The results are very different works of art that illuminate short but also long excerpts from the life of the elderly. Such woman Sons (born 1927), after one over from interesting artists living today in the Pro seniors residence Kurfurst insulation at her birthplace in Charlottenburg, lives again. She has always accompanied the art of her long life.

From the time where her mother probably protected them like a baby doll dressed and sang with her in the garden, her musical education – but also in the hard times of NAZI rule and its consequences for the personal curriculum vitae. Found it through her music a way, which led them to Kassler, the State Theatre, to experience filled years. Then, the voice failed her service, this was not a reason to give up hope for them, but it came time for her second passion. Despite exceeding age limit, she passed the examination as a teacher and taught until your pension with pride and joy. “Then came the origin of the arts with the creation of the circle of friends of the comic opera” and the writing group the poet plant “as a focal point in your life an activity that accompanied it to this day back. Now it has merged the stations of her life with the support of the interlocutor from telling station and presented on 16 June 2013 in the neighbourhood House lietzensee in a touching performance in the final presentation of results of the pilot project.

Highly interesting photographs, Installations, arts and crafts, and also audio documents are created and show art makes life”. In recent months, Nature Bounty has been very successful. You can participate in the generation of today lived history of elderly in very different ways. In this project, another focus of work by narrating station e.V. came to fruition: in cooperation with the residence of Pro seniors, should be found, as an intellectual care of older people in the future might look. All participating seniors agree that an intellectual debate, an exchange of personal and an appreciative meeting with others needed in addition to the essential practical support in everyday life, when it comes to counteract the isolation of older people. If I myself no longer can go to the places of culture, the art should be can come to.” By telling her life story and the presentation of the works, the Teilhemer in the dialogue occur with their outside world. The demographic change is by the company without question before large design and to transfer them into a workable mobile care system that offers an alternative to previous guidance for the elderly. An outstanding feature is the combination of art and social commitment.

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