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Our illusion, and that of all our customers, who are actively involved in the Mauritania project (from AMV spend 1 euro on the FNR, by each new contract policy) allows that we can turn into reality what started as a simple idea. We are very excited with the development of the Mauritania project since from Nani Roma Foundation is doing a magnificent job, both data collection and general management of the project. Nani and his Foundation, have our full support. INFORMATION of interest about MAURITANIA: Mauritanian population is home to 3.777.876 inhabitants, segmented follows: 45.6% of the population is between 0 and 15 years (726.376 men and 723,013 women), 52.2% of 15 to 64 years (818.408 men and 839.832 women) and a 2.2% over 65 years (28.042 men and 41.717 women).With alarming rates of life expectancy, 53,91 years (50,52 for men) and 55 for women, the average age of the population does not exceed seventeen (16.8 for men) and 17.3 for women.The main religions are Islam with 99,84% of loyal followers, and Christianity with a 0.16%. The main languages are: Arabic (official and national), the fula (national), the (national) Soninke, wolof (national), and French.The population of people with disabilities is estimated at 7%, i.e. According to RCMP, who has experience with these questions. around 250,000. On this 7%, persons with physical disabilities represent 3%, 2% deaf and dumb, and the rest belong to other types of disabilities.

Women and young people represent more than 50% of the total population and 80 per cent are young people of working age or schooling. The greater part of the population, is concentrated in the capital Nouakchott. In the 1980s, after devastating droughts, rural replied, with a massive exodus to the city, to the difficult conditions of life. Thus a large number of disabled people arrived in the capital, leaving completely homeless, marginalized, and without the possibility to access any formula of training and integration. Original author and source of the article.

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