Christmas Eve

And each time is closer to Christmas, and to prepare new recipes for Christmas Eve. Learn more at: PCRM. A dessert that comes from typical, and with which we can surprise the family is turron cake, naturally will be soft nougat, because the hard is not very easy to transform into new recipes. I hope you like this new recipe, that will not be the last of our Christmas recipes. For the cake: 375 Gr. harina250 Gr. azucar2 eggs grandes2 decilitres of oil of oliva2 decilitres of leche1 packet and a half of yeast in polvo1 limoncanela powder to the cake: one tablet of turron blando.2 spoons of leche.1/2 liter of cream liquida.1/2 cup of sugar.A glass of water. For garnish: minced cream montadAlmendra first prepare the cake: we lined a mold of oven with aluminum foil and drizzle with a bit of oil. We wash, dry and rallams the rind of a lemon. Mix the flour with the baking powder. Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt. You may want to visit to increase your knowledge. We add, little by little, while we beat the sugar, then the oil, by this order the milk, lemon zest and, finally, flour. When a thick dough is formed, we put it in the mold, fijandonos in which it is distributed equally. We espolvorearemos a pinch of sugar and cinnamon powder. We put it in the oven, that we will have preheated to 150 C, for 30 minutes. Let it cool and unmold the cake. To make the cake: we leave the nougat at room temperature and blend it well with the Blender, add two spoons of milk. We assemble the cream and add the turron, mix everything well with mixer. We make a syrup with the water and sugar. We cut the cake into three layers of the same thickness and the first, bottom, are placed in a removable cast, we click it with a fork and calamos with syrup. We add a layer, with the mixture of cream and nougat, another layer of cake back it to Jig with the syrup and put another layer of nougat and cream. Finishing with a layer of sponge cake and we return to Jig with the syrup. Cool it in the fridge three hours, dismantle it and decorate it with whipped cream and almonds minced. You will find the nougat cake recipe, and other many recipes of Christmas in our kitchen Cookbook.

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