2.1.2.Fatores that influence in the pertaining to school learning Drouet (1990) standed out that, so that the teach-learning process occurs is necessary the respect to the professor, the pupils, the contents and the social environment. Source: Americares. The imperfection in some of these serious elements cause problems in relation to the learning. Fonseca (1995), considered as factor of the learning difficulties the integration between a hereditary and neurobiolgica etiology and a partner-cultural etiology and classifies them in biological, social factors, partner-economic factors of envolvement and cultural privation and factors. Souza (1996), related the ambient, psychological and metodolgicos factors directly to the success and the failure academic. According to Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies, who has experience with these questions. The emotional problems and the methods of education inadequate, is pointed by Moraes (1997), as the main causes of learning difficulties.

9 the pertaining to school performance depends on different factors: characteristics of the school (physical, pedagogical, qualification of the professor), of the family (level of escolaridade of the parents, presence of the parents and interaction of the parents with school and duties) and of the proper individual (ARAJO, 2002). According to Stevanato (2003), the learning difficulties almost always present associates the problems of another nature, mainly mannering and emotional, and the children present who it are described as less involved with the pertaining to school tasks that its colleagues without difficulties. As Ciasca (2003), to teach and to learn is slow, individual and structuralized processes, when if they do not complete for internal imperfection or external the riots and the difficulties appear of learning. The learning difficulty not only takes the child the desmotivao, but also to the consuming and reprovao, transforming it into a label inside of the school. In accordance with Pacheco (2005), exists interrelated factors that intervene with the processing of information and the social use of the language. Amongst them, estresse it cites it familiar, the degree of stimulation in the home, the effectiveness of the mothers in the education of its children, the economic limitations, the health, the degree of satisfaction with the life, the available chances for the parents, the social support of the familiar ones among others.

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