However, the being for himself, ” pour soi” ‘ he does not have any of those characteristics. ‘ for himself he corresponds descriptively to which we called ‘ man, that is who is freedom, brings back to consciousness, etc. STEM Scholarship oftentimes addresses this issue. He is not compact because it is, really, an emptiness, one nothing; he is not complete because at no moment of his life it finishes constituting itself, must do it permanently; it is not self-sufficient because at no moment it is, but always must get to be, by virtue of things and external situations that is to him It is what it is not and is not what es”. The idea of the values as much as the one of God is a contradictory idea inasmuch as they try to appear ” in a being who is in himself and for himself, simultaneously Tomemos for example the idea from justice: This is the idea of a human but perfect society. In her it would have been arrived at a completion state of history to have reached and to have realised in one go for always justice. Thus justice would have to be on the one hand absolute, eternal, perfect, etc. – as God -, but, on the other hand, it must be a characteristic of a society of men, that is to say finite, being realised imperfectly every day, weather, etc.

Thus seen is also a contradictory idea ” Therefore Sartre discards the subject of the values like ideological subject. And if we wanted to continue analyzing theories on we could do it to the value, because they so are varied as the same values. But, better we conclude. The value seems to be bound to the existence. It is, as they say to the existencialistas ” regarding existencia”.

Also he is united to conjunctures or situations, since we can insert it in the cultural thing and of them we cannot theorize with pretension to own the revealed truth or to have said the last word. The deal with the world is conditioning our form to feel, to have emotions with respect to the valuable thing, but the existence ” pura” of the value it is intact. We can change our consideration on, for example the monogmico marriage, by groups or homosexual following the situation, but the value of correct or the incorrect thing remains intact. It only changes our perception of the value with respect to something. Its bipolarity is undeniable and its hierarchial structuring is, obviously, relative. But there is something is certain: The value without the emotion would be like the noise if auditory apparatuses did not exist, like the light without the vision and the love to God without the soul.

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