Creative Healer

I heal encounter with an ancient power in the people not the technique makes the healer, but an open heart, knowledge and devotion. P – 10 years direct disciple of Galactic Mayan priest in Mexico – is Economist, actor and healer. He founded the Institute of creative transformation, as well as the Maya School of cosmic consciousness. In Mexico, as well as on other continents, Pascal has may learn from many shamans. He was surprised by the plethora of different techniques, when they treat their patients. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. Many of them have done wonders and cured diseases, where school doctors not knowing more.

Also Pascal itself are managed cures that cannot be explained logically. It is not the technology that makes the healer, even if today many people believe a few courses with scripts in hand, they could make a practice just. It is rather an inner attitude, the right preparation and the courage to creativity. Every good healers developed from his essence out his own way to help… The creative healing – intensive workshop with Pascal K’ Greub Pascal own has developed a method for this workshop anyone without prior knowledge, that after the unzip his healer – cover and can continue to develop. See BSA for more details and insights. Only an open heart and willingness to serve is required. This workshop is suitable for all people who want to reactivate your self healing potential and perform duties to the next. At the present time, we are all healers and co-creators of the new era dawning on; not only therapists, and spiritual”but entrepreneurs, persons and women, life partner, can give a new heart-filled direction their lives with this course, because we all constantly communicate with fellow human beings, and after healing begins just there already millenniums of old shamanic tradition… Seminar: The creative healing date: 15.05 16.05.10 price: 200 location: Cologne method to the creative healing: this practical workshop covers the best exercises of the Maya School of cosmic consciousness and gives each Subscriber/donor Opportunity alone or with a partner to try out the learned.

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