Creative Marketing

There are many opinions and insights: – non-standard, modern, interesting ideas in design and advertising – creating new and original from the old and boring – if figuratively – the acid-bright, luscious, luminous and unstable substance that boils and produces bubbles that spills over the edge in words, images, ideas:). In the glossaries and dictionaries, too, there is no standard definition: – from English "creative" translated directly "Creative" – the creative component of the communicative process ( – Wikipedia gives a different definition of creativity of the individual, characterized by the willingness of the generation of innovative unusual ideas, as well as the ability to solve problems in static systems. Each creative sphere tries creative for themselves, and describes it as a privilege merely their direction. Advertisers – Creation of advertising ideas, the designers – a new unique visual image, psychologists – a creative state of mind, publicists – the bright way of manipulation, etc. There is no explicit definition of creativity: the creative process and the product creativity, and communication component, and just an idea in a broad sense, then, and combines all system. I, personally, would not give his own definition, but can not distinguish the characteristics common to all: creativity, new creation, original, effective. (Similarly see: CDF). Many people think that "creativity" and "creativity" – synonymous. The creative process is based on the inspiration of the author, his talent, style, followed by the author.

In the main creative process component becomes a trivial task, the original understanding of why you need to create something for someone you need as needed and, in fact, that it is necessary to create (in other words – given the brief). Even at the time of the creative another process, it is accelerated, compressed, the faster – the better (for this system exists, "brainstorming" techniques heap, blitz the competition), it is often the result is impressive. Boy Scouts of America may not feel the same. In any case, the first role play creative qualities of the author. Is the question – is it possible to organize something that no one system will not turn on, the more the notion of creativity. We go from the opposite – create a system, and then classify it under. We submit to the influence of certain laws, rules of classification, measurement systems, the logic for grouping and sorting of thousands and millions of things that are summarized. Things can not exist by themselves, they inevitably should be included in a higher rank, a group of similar things, a system. Apple, tangerine and mango – fruit.

Cockroach and bee – insects. Bottle – a glass or plastic, as well as a half-liter and liter. Creative idea – also a thing more abstract, but the thing is fully possible to feel in her lifetime. Uneasy task – to find order in the chaos of thoughts, ideas piling up around us, but when to try, you can find patterns and the same type of techniques here as well. Sometimes I can even say – "the same idea," but in different manifestations and forms. The first simple classification of the above reasoning, we should make on the scope of this creativity. Used mainly in advertising, design (same ad), invention, writing (for example, scenarios of events), humor (component of creativity), etc., I think, in the supplement. Another system seen if we select the same type of similar work and to allocate them in common, taking the implementation of the idea, script, concept. It is best to view these things by example. That is what we are going to do – expand the creativity of shelves …

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