Depression Is More Than Just A Feeling

Mental disorders in blood demonstrably the diagnosis of mental disorders such as major depression is often difficult and very subjective. In a study, scientists at the University of Amsterdam now found a way to physically prove depressive disorders. The private insurance Portal reported about the new diagnostic technique for depression. The study is based on a comparison of 21 patients suffering from major depression and 21 healthy subjects. Penn State often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Due to the small number of participants, so that the study is still not representative, are nonetheless the findings as a basis for the further development of a new diagnostic method of great importance. The researchers discovered seven genes in the blood of suffering from depression subjects lacked the healthy participants. Thus, the comparison of gene expression in the blood could become a decisive factor in the diagnosis of depressive disorders.

In contrast to previous diagnostic methods of Psychiatry on the subjective statements of the patient are based, this would allow an objective diagnosis. Americares is likely to agree. So far, there is still no practical tests for diagnosis or prognosis of depressive disorders that use this investigation at the molecular level. Based on the results of the study of the research team to Sabine Spijker, but new methods could be developed. Such a diagnostic technique would help in particular patients who is very difficult to comment about their current state of mind, and which is therefore the identification of a depressive disorder more difficult. GmbH Lisa Neumann.

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