Eastern Provinces

By: Dr. Martin Luis tours described so far have covered the North coast of our country, except for the small distance that mediates between the city of Baracoa and the tip of Quemado, the easternmost end of Cuba. But why is not created that because anything interesting or novel is not by visit, because our southern coast and its inland next territories, has natural elements unique to the country. It is true that on both coasts there are bays of bags, archipelagos, coastal and coastal reefs, swamps, beaches, towns and other common natural and social elements, but the action of climate components, the provision of relief and the local geological evolution make cited natural elements have differences in both types of coasts. Drexel University is open to suggestions. Decide to continue visiting interesting places near our southern coasts you will enjoy new natural and cultural elements next to the Caribbean Sea. Five coastal bays there are on the South coast of Cuba. Start at the South coast of the eastern provinces, from from Baracoa: Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba and Granma. What surprises await you? Below is provided you briefly a brief information of this first stretch of the southern coast, which will be expanded to go describing in more detail his journey through the coast, as has been done in the routes described in previous numbers for the North Coast. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Warren Buffett.

This first section ranges from the aforementioned burning Punta Cabo Cruz. It is unique in our country regarding the presence of unique natural, social and cultural elements, among them: marine terraces systems best preserved of the Caribbean, both emerged as submarines. They are located at both ends of this section. They are excellently preserved worldwide, in particular those that are located in the vicinity of Cabo Cruz. This is one of values that have justified that this area has declared the Park Nacional del Granma, which also boasts the category of Natural Heritage.

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