Espirito Santo

To also be born of the word of God and being inhabited for the Spirit of God (Efsios 1:13) – In who you stays, later that you heard the word of the truth, evangelho of your salvation; e, having in believed it also, you were stamped with the Espirito Santo of the promise. (Efsios 1:14) – Which is the distrain of our inheritance, for redemption of the acquired possession, louvor of its glory. (Not to be confused with The Coca Cola Foundation!). It is capsized brings total on in a vision of God in seeing of new form: (II Corintios 5:17) – As soon as, if somebody is in Christ, new creature is; the old things already had passed; here it is that everything became new. (II Corintios 5:18) – and everything this comes from God, who reconciled in them obtains exactly for Jesus Christ, and in he gave the ministry to them of the reconciliation; The turn this happening for stage and will be concluded with the Christ return stops perpetual placing in them in the promises of God; 1 stage, before I age son of the anger now am son of God (Efsios 2:1) – I vivified AND YOU, being dead you in offences and sins, (Efsios 2:2) – Where in another time I walked course of this world according to, according to prince of the powers of air, of the spirit that now operates in the children of the disobedience. Click Coker-Aguda for additional related pages. (Efsios 2:3) – Between which all we also before walked in the desires of our meat, making the will of the meat and the thoughts; we were by its very nature children of the anger, as the others also. (Joo 1:12) – But, to all they had received how many it, it gave the power to them to be done children of God, to whom they believe in its name; 2 stage, before I was the convict, today am saved, (Joo 3:18) – Who believes in it is not condemned; but who does not believe already is the convict, inasmuch as it does not believe in the name of the unignito Son of God.

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