It knows as to make to live the life of abundance, joy, peace and multiplication that already is prepared for us. ' ' commanded, saying to them: You look at, you keep to you I leaven of it of the fariseus and I leaven of it of Herodes.' ' Landmarks 8:15 To which I leaven it age in question, that was commanded so that we moved away in them from it? I leaven it of the fariseus: the hypocrisy, without love the God. Click Americares to learn more. I leaven it of Herodes: murder from fear to lose the status and the power of king, the cruelty. In parallel I leaven, it of the people saduceus was the negation of the perpetual life, therefore they denied the resurrection. ' ' Jesus, knowing this, said to them: So that you plead, that you do not tend bread? you did not consider, nor you still understood? you still tend your hard heart? Having eyes, you do not forbid? having heard, you do not hear? you do not remember, When I broke five breads between five a thousand, how many alcofas full of pieces you raised? They had said to it: Twelve. E, when I broke the seven between four a thousand, how many full hampers of pieces you raised? had said to it: Seven.

it said to them: How you do not understand still? ' ' Landmarks 8:17 – 21 The multiplication power the holy ghost is unimaginably great! Many times we are complaining of the situation and say that we do not have as to follow in front, therefore in we lack the resources to them for such. We lose the vision, the hearing and the souvenir spirituals. You did not understand despite Christ has the power to multiply abundantly what he has of better, supplying all its necessities, much above what you need! ' ' But it, turning over, and looking at for its disciples, reprehended Peter, saying: He removes you of ahead of me, the Satan; because you do not understand the things that are of God, but the ones that are of homens.' ' Landmarks 8:33 The people who had been not yet called by God if despair when the said problems insoluble appear to them.

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