Exclusive Living Accessories – Haute Couture For The Home

Young designer Dorothee Friese presents your collection of Dorothee Friese, 24 years old, creative head and artists with heart and soul. You think cross, different and is always on the lookout for new, challenging ideas. Everything is possible, you just have to do it. Now the young designer from Hamburg presents her own collection of exclusive living accessories called unique in cooperation with Henry Friese for the first time”, which acts as Haute Couture for each home and more enthusiastic since then under the motto is more”. Luxury, extravagance and individuality are at the forefront of their creations. Your handwriting is distinctively glamorous and opulent. Noble materials combined with fancy looks put strong accents, for people who love the big show. Everyday ordinary seating as well as pillows and blankets are transformed into objects of art and invite you to dream.

Finest handmade arise this unique and require special attention with much craftsmanship, know-how, creativity and attention to detail. High-quality materials can be a unique interior are created for people with special needs. With unique design and use of exclusive materials & accessories, the collection is a real eye-catcher and feel-good factor for each home. It is made individually and tailored to customer requirements, personally matched in shape and color! Their vision for the designer means living in an exceptional setting shine and allow to reach as many people who share your passion. Like any Majesty the accessories come special accentuated when granting you the appropriate space.

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