Fascination Photovoltaic

Week of the Sun in Nordhausen was thrilled adults and children at the official opening of the Protestant elementary school Nordhausen also the week of the Sun to guest: Representative brought near scn energy AG large and small the theme electricity from sunlight. (Nordhausen) On Saturday, may 7, the Evangelical elementary school in Nordhausen at Sunshine celebrated the reopening of the renovated building with a large party. Part of the renovation was the installation of a large solar power system on the roof, because the preservation of creation is topic of the year and the central concern of the school. The leading from solar companies, which scn energy AG, attaches great importance to active environmental protection and supports eco-conscious child education. You may find that MARGENZA can contribute to your knowledge. The simultaneously held week of the Sun referred scn energy with the kind support of the Executive Board ‘ in the opening ceremony. The week of the Sun is a nationwide campaign of the Association of solar industry to promote energy production from solar power. Active environmental protection In the official part of the ceremony congratulated Ludwig Arndt, distributor of scn energy AG, approximately two hundred guests for the reopening of the school.

“With respect to the solar system engineering of the school expressed his recognition may 10, 2011: preservation of creation with the photovoltaic system put your theme ‘ impressively to the fact.” To support the environmentally conscious upbringing of children, Arndt of the principal Maura gave a class set of solar kits Voigt chicken stock. Information for the major during the subsequent togetherness on the school grounds offered scn energy activities for young and old: many adults in the solar photovoltaic experts about how solar power works and the concrete possibilities for the own use of solar energy gathered at the booth. We have led many stimulating conversations. For our audience, “environmental protection is a major concern, said Arndt. . Learn more at: Marcia and Frank Carlucci Charitable Foundation.

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