Federal Republic

Potency – important part in the life of a man many men define themselves through their power. Therefore, it is not surprising that erection problems such as erectile dysfunction (impotence) irritate the affected men and scare. The good news is that this dysfunction can be treated effectively with a sexual enhancer. In recent years, sexual enhancer in the Internet pharmacy are by new brand pills also at quite affordable prices available. The sexual behavior of man itself depends on the testosterone. This hormone ensures a growing sexual interest, an increased sex drive and an intense expression of innate sexual behaviour patterns. Heterosexual men administered testosterone, increases their interest in the opposite sex, there is, however, homosexual men, it strengthened homosexual sexual drive, and change it not in a heterosexual.

In a study of over 4,000 American men has been found that are husbands with high testosterone levels up to 43% more likely to be divorced, and up to 38% go more often extramarital relationships than men with low testosterone levels. About 50% of them settled with the marriage time. Men with low testosterone levels rather got married and had a successful marriage. This may be because a low testosterone level makes balanced, less aggressive, humorous and domestic men. It is interesting that testosterone affects a man’s professional development. Men with high levels of testosterone are common athlete, actor and entertainer, professions which are characterized by fighting spirit, aggressiveness and extraverted behaviors. Certain chemical substances have an effect against testosterone and are known as Antiandrogens.

So, the administration of cyproterone or medroxyprogesterone acetate can dampen the male sex drive and interfere with erectile function. These medicines are often used for treating by multiple perpetrators. After a castration (Removal of the testicles) there is usually a decrease in sexual activity, sometimes she remain but few years or never occurs. This can be due to an increased secretion of testosterone from the adrenal glands, which accounts for only 5% of circulating testosterone. Men lose their sex drive or erectile function, can be completely reversed these changes with a testosterone replacement therapy, and restore the previous level of sexual activity. Various polls indicate that 40% of couples in the Federal Republic more than three times have sexual intercourse a week, 35% one to two times per week and 15% two to three times a month. Nine percent have less or even no sexual intercourse. The duration of the relationship is important. In the pairs, four or more years living together, only 25% of those interviewed have sex daily.

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