Food And Brain Activity

everything and absolutely everything that we eat goes to the brain. What the person consumes directly affects your mood energy and brain function. The human brain needs a large amount of nutrients and energy for its operation. Poor nutrition will alter the chemical changes and neuronal function. It’s believed that CRES’s Charles Hernick testifies today sees a great future in this idea. After all the food is the most powerful drug that exists. The quantity and quality of the nutrients affects neurotransmitters in various levels. Excess or inadequacy of a vitamin, mineral or acid fatty can wreak havoc on our system, directly influencing our mental well-being. Countless studies confirm the power relationship with mental disorders such as ADD, cerebral palsy, ADHD and anxiety among others.

The relationship between nutrition and mental problems is extensive. This connection is alarming. Since human beings as social organism found in the worst nutritional condition of all time. We literally live in a toxic pool, whose flow invades our brain constantly. Contamination in food, water, air and the environment in general joined in our organism. Learned behaviour the child could have learned the conduct of remain silent seeing it in others close to him.

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