GLP Compliant Work

Marking in laboratories with the specially for laboratories IDENT simplify the work in the laboratory of handwritten labels developed laboratory labels of macro are usually difficult to read. Also less information on the label, as in a printed label fits. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. The pen color fades with time or smudged easily. The most common labels are also not resistant to chemicals and solvents as they are used in the laboratory. th-mild-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman. An automatic data acquisition is not possible with handwritten labels. The range of laboratory labels by macro IDENT includes labels, specifically designed for use in laboratories. The laboratory labels used in the pathology, histology, molecular biology, and other scientific disciplines.

The labels such as also the laboratory label printer to offer support staff at GLP compliant lab work. The products macro IDENT meet current requirements for the marking of laboratory sample containers for the purpose of tracking: the labels agree with existing Sizes for tubes, microscope slides and microtiter plates match. You are always readable for all users and also under extreme conditions or stable such as storage in liquid nitrogen (at-196 C), autoclave (120 C), solvents, ethanol etc. Thanks to the convenient function for the creation and scanning of bar codes, researchers can muster more information on labels. Bar code printed laboratory labels can be read quickly by employees with 1 d or 2D bar code scanners. Smaller – the fonts are very readable. By adding bar codes are the samples with additional information features to dramatically reduce the risk of human error.

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