Good Sleep Comes From Westphalia

The Borkener manufacturer of water beds and sleeping systems reckertwerkstattmobel can be in the day start Germany recovered for 23 years. Sleep is a basic need which most people like to go after with the desire for rest and relaxation. But our sleep is affected by many factors, that determine ultimately the quality of nocturnal calm. A factor for good night’s sleep is the choice of bedroom furniture adapted individually to each user and its physical characteristics. No matter whether mattress bed or water bed, the quality and processing of all components is crucial for good night’s sleep, but also for fitful sleep. Martin Reckert, Managing Director of reckertwerkstattmobel GmbH from borken / Walsh on the flags has written “Good sleep”. With his company, he produced bed systems and their accessories since 1989. These include “dry” bed with mattress, complete water bed and systems and the individual supplies around healthy and relaxing sleep.

Martin put his attention Rad from the outset on comfortable sleep in all its facets. The products of reckertwerkstattmobel GmbH, which are throughout Europe in private bedrooms, as well as in hotels and Spa facilities in use are accordingly high quality and individual. Not without reason, Martin Reckert belongs to the pioneers of water beds development and manufacturing in Germany, carrying out reckertwerkstattmobel since 1992. As one of the few German manufacturers, produces the company his sleep systems nor complete “made in Germany” and long-term guarantees high quality for all products. This sealed also the TuV certification, the r / / / m, so the abbreviation of reckertwerkstattmobel, 2001 has received as one of only two manufacturers of water bed systems and accessories in Europe. The comfortable sleep in focus, presenting r / / / m regularly new developments for beds and their accessories, the latest scientific studies of body-friendly existence based on. For example, since this will Spring all mattress foams under the admixture of soybean oil, a renewable raw material, produced.

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