Google Teacher

For it is a question we all would respond with the same answer. (If) In the century is a century we called it I era of information technology which is where all or most of what we get what we get on the Internet or via computer. The computer is in everyone and everywhere today. And via the Internet people have the idea or are realizing that we are in the information age because they are based on earning money online. What to do? Well, honesty is not easy as everything in life, everything in life costs a lot of effort to get what one wants, is to work hard to achieve.

Then there is a teacher. l’>CDF. Well I say it that the teacher has taught me everything I know and all I want to know how to make money online. and that teacher everyone browsing the Internet know what is called the google search engine. They know that a teacher called him that all I want to know google tells me or I taught in a free and clear. With google you get all the tools that are needed to achieve success on the Internet or making money online. “Tools that Google gives us” For the most necessary tool that can be making money on the Internet is bone traffic people will see what you have on the Internet.

But google does that for your information or what you create yourself. But you have to create much content on your site to google identifies you with a website containing information or grades. This content is easy because you have to do is write articles that relate to what your are giving on the Internet, and with the help of keywords is easier yet. Why so you know what people are looking online every day and you can give them what they are looking for. How do I get the keywords? Well to get the keywords I recommend that I use in my pages to give content to my pages which are the following tools: This is a google tool that gives us is called ( and (best Both are tools that I use and recommend that the best that I can advise. The first of these tools is free but has limitations, and the other has one hand free but with limitations and also has a product that is sold, but worth buying because it is effective and has no limitations. The author shows how totally free without the need to purchase a product.

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