Groundbreaking For 12 Years

The TechPilot portal brings together since year 2000 technical buyers and suppliers. Save Our Children will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It celebrates its 12th anniversary with an unusual sweepstakes. Munich, March 7, 2012 invites TechPilot, the leading portal for drawing parts, on the occasion of its 12-year existence to an online scavenger hunt. Equipped with three clues and the powerful search engine of the platform it comes to find a company invented for the raffle at the approximately 16,000 suppliers profiles on. Who succeeds, the virtual contact Hans manufacturer an E-mail to write can win attractive prizes.

See all successful detectives, TechPilot is giving away up to May 15, 2012, an Apple iPad, as well as eleven Apple iPod shuffle. “Excuse me, can you tell me, who here has your machine for laser cutting in Westphalia? You know, we have just a workpiece, for just your machine would be ideal and we are looking for someone who can make us part of this drawing.”such or similar requests received Frank Sattler late 1990s sales at a major tool machine manufacturers in Ditzingen regularly. That brought the engineer on an idea: “Each part has its engine,” so his train of thought. “A data bank would be ideal in the just listed is, where the machine in Europe is like on a map.” Said, done: He became independent and went online in 2000. “With the idea via the Internet to bring together buyers and production partner, we were extremely early around the turn of the Millennium”, Frank Sattler admits today. “Because the companies were usually far away to use the Web as an everyday working tool.” The new platform was launched accordingly slowly in the first few years.

At that time, just the first online services in a private setting is established. Private E-Mail and shopping on the net were gradually of course. “In parallel the Internet finally began to prevail in the B2B environment.

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