Healthy Hotels

Sportacus, the child hero of the popular Lazy Town TV series is the image that will use the Sol Guadalupe in Mallorca and Sol Gavilanes Menorca hotels to encourage children to eat healthily and exercising daily. Children will have the passport of the superhero which commits them to comply with the recommendations of Sportacus and points to receive a special at the end of your holiday prize. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). Eating fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water, teeth brushing and daily exercise are healthy habits that Sol Hotels, holiday Melia Hotels International brand, wants to instill in children through this initiative. Parents and kids sign a contract, where the first commit to grant a wish their children at the end of your holiday at the hotel, provided that these comply with the proposed challenge and get all the points of the Passport. Sol Hotels and Lazy Town this year signed a cooperation agreement, by which these hotels for families have incorporated this product at its entertainment programs to promote healthy lifestyle habits and bring an added value to your family offer. Children can have fun in the workshops of juggling, playing in the water, in the gymkhanas having sportscandy (fruit) as a reward or dancing in the mini children’s disco with Lazy Town songs. Under this innovative program of animation, the superhero Sportacus is present in the hotel, graphically and virtual, to encourage children to practice sport, combat the sedentary lifestyle and live a healthy life inspired by values such as the respect for nature, sustainability, social action, healthy eating, sport, friendship or family.

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