Individual Holidays In Venezuela

Tips on travel arrangements for tours in Venezuela Venezuela is one of the most popular travel destinations in South America. Venezuela is as diverse as a whole continent and not boring even when several weeks travelling. In Venezuela, there are ways to get around, easy access by air, cheaper in the bus and who like adventurous and like to want to meet land and people in the taxi. For more information see Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The whole country is covered with Posadas and hotels and perfectly suited to multi-week individual travel. The Orinoco Delta, a maze of river, in the one who can move only with canoes is one of the most beautiful regions in Eastern Venezuela.

In this distributed River system are in addition to the Warao Indians, the natives of this region, Jaguars, Pumas, ocelots, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, seals, budgies, parrots, toucans, cormorants, hawks, Snipe, Eagle, hummingbirds, anacondas, Boas, vipers, Koralschlangen, iguanas, turtles, piranhas, mantas and caimans. This unique landscape is ideal for all Nature lovers, botanist and ornithologist. On the tributaries of the Delta, there is a wide variety of authentic camps where you perfectly can listen in the jungle and on day tours take memorable photos. Piranha fishing, visit a Buffalo farm and jungle hiking are just some of many highlights. “A more beautiful landscape is the Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana, with the world’s largest waterfall Angel Falls”. One of the most beautiful natural spectacles is the over 900 m high Angelfall you get perfectly at a crossing in front of the lens.

“The tours in the Canaima National Park to the Salto Angel” are carried out by the Pemon Indians, the natives of this region. The rides in the Logboats during the tour are true adventures and experiences that unforgettable. The third big highlight in Eastern Venezuela is the Roraima, a table mountain with over 2800 m altitude. The ascent of Roraima is considered one of the greatest adventures in climbing and trekking fans, but with numerous endemic species and rock formations, which since There are thousands, this climb is something very special. In addition to these natural landscapes in Venezuela, there is a completely different climate zone, with a cooler climate, just the contrast with the warm East further West. The Andes mountains dominate the landscape in Merida, with almost 5000 m height is the Pico Bolivar the highest mountain and a climbing Mountain very special offers for climbing fans. Here in Merida, there are many possibilities for trekking in addition to traditional crafts and there is the possibility to get to know the Venezuelan culture. As more travel tips, you should next to the Llanos, a Savannah-like landscape with more than 350 species, coral archipelago of Los Roques, and the beautiful old town in Ciudad Bolivar won’t miss. As baggage you should bring the best a wall backpack with rain jacket, mosquito repellent and trekking shoes.

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