Intellectual Same

Such deteriorizaes do not compromise the psychological functioning nor the daily adaptation of the people and its conditions of life and work. The brain is headquarters of the psychological processes. Many writers such as Com Meals offer more in-depth analysis. It is not of if surprising that specialists if have interested for its aging and the repercussions of this in the psychological functioning. This aging is not expressed for substantial changes in the functioning and the daily adaptation of the people. Visit American Cancer Society for more clarity on the issue. When appearing a cerebral damage, its consequences do not have reason to be the same ones for different individuals. It can be affirmed that each one has the oldness that it earned, and that the life habits, of hygiene, feeding, exercises, sleep, at last, during youth and the adult life, relieve good shares in the oldness.

2. Cognitivo functioning after the Comumente adolescence exists agreements of that the capacities of the adults and ancios are less distant of what between adolescents and the young. On the basis of some comments, were possible to evidence that the cognitivas abilities diminish with the age, from the 20 or thirty years. Accepting certain differences existing, its origin is possible to inquire which. It has, however, some teses alternatives: The problem of the project of the inquiry: one is about a transversal inquiry, in which citizens of different ages are evaluated, at the same moment. The studied people differ not only in the age, but also in the generation the one who belong. It is sufficiently probable that citizens of 20 years more have a drawn out escolaridade of what of 50 and of 80 years.

We do not know which percentage of the observed difference enters the groups must it the intellectual capacity in same itself and which if must the factors of geracional experience. The evolutiva inquiry demonstrated that the results are more optimistical. Another problem that can seriously affect the drawing of the inquiries mentions the form to it of conscription of the citizens.

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