IPREM Actions

Content of the programme. Beneficiary persons have right to: – perform a route individualized and customized insertion that contemplate the diagnosis on his employability, as well as the active employment policy measures aimed at improving it – participate in measures of political active job aimed at the retraining or rehabilitation professional-economic accompaniment of 75% of the monthly IPREM assistance up to a maximum of 6 months when the applicant does not have income of any nature monthly computation to 75% of the SMI higher, excluding the proportional part of two pay overtime.In the event that these persons are entitled to perceive social wages, minimum income schemes of insertion or similar social welfare aid granted by the autonomous communities will be deducted from the assistance regulated in this article. Obligations of the beneficiaries: come obliged to participate in the actions of active policies of employment and job search that intend you the public employment services. 3. Learn more at this site: The Coca Cola Foundation. Actions improving employability combining actions of vocational guidance and training for employment (article 3) employment services shall be addressed, 1 year since the entry into force of this standard, over 45 young in situation of unemployment of long duration and people from the sector of the construction and others affected by the crisis that, within these groups, have low qualifications to carry out actions for the improvement of their employability through individual and custom itineraries of employment which will increase your chances of occupation. 4.

Inclusion of unemployed persons between 20% and 40% in training actions aimed at employed persons 5.-global strategy for employment of workers more elderly people. (Second additional provision) within a period of six months. By the same author: Gavin Baker. For any clarification or expansion of information on the contents of this circular do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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