Legality Of Apartment Ownership

At the moment, especially popular are the issues concerning the recognition of ownership of the apartment by going to court. After the establishment of houses being actively, despite transition problems all the big houses are being commissioned, and a great variety of approvals, which should collect the customer-builder has not declined. The most conservative estimate the number of approvals that are needed to make only the beginning of construction of residential premises – more than 300. That is why a large number of dwellings constructed with a known non-compliance of the construction of residential house, with mismatched records. As Consequently, after completion of construction works residential property developer can not formalize the ownership of the apartment not for myself or for the citizens who contributed to the creation of living quarters with their money. Federal Service state registration, inventory and mapping of the place of erection of the house has denied the appeal on the investor’s registration of ownership of flats and from that day, most often originate from harassing litigation between the builder, the Administration, the Office of Rosreestra. The subject of these proceedings is starting to become the land allocated for construction of residential non-compliance with mandatory requirements unknown whether there is authorization that the administration either provided, or not provided, etc.

In these circumstances, oddly enough, the most extreme are co-investors – ordinary citizens who have invested considerable accumulated many years of investing money in his apartment, which is the fault of the investor, the local administration and gaps in regulations and his disappeared. It would seem that the situation has no solution, but Lawyers provide a solution – eliminating problems with the registration of ownership of the apartment. The problem is easily corrected with the help of a claim aimed at recognizing the right of ownership of an apartment by going to court. Before serving This claim may also want to send a claim letter to the customer-developer. The claim must require registration of ownership, referring to the contractual terms or transfer to you all the necessary documentation for registration, according to the provisions of your agreement on sharing. In that statement of claim sets out all the facts, lack of registration of ownership to the fault owner / developer, developer’s obligations under a contract that is signed by you and him – soinvestitsionny, a preliminary contract of sale, cession, equity investment, and etc.

Before the trial, should amply demonstrate its legal position with reference to legal norms. Good knowledge of laws, regulations of the Civil Code, on which you base the claim requirements, the ability to provide persuasive comments in effect, is highly desirable. Only in this case, the court will adopt the desired action on the claim, according to which you are able to arrange your ownership Rosreestra. Making ownership of an apartment in the registering body usually takes one month and is the final step required to obtain a certificate of ownership of an apartment.

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