More Justice In The World

They have left me like a dog or worse, and even today, 2009, continue their atrocities and to refuse to heal. Why have I done? The whole truth of their atrocities is in my pages. When I said enough and started to fight so I would not do more and more atrocities, the only thing I have achieved in these 30 years of struggle to stop me stop me heal so many atrocities and has been two assassination attempts. But this is not stopped my fight for me and others, although no ayude.No I am a coward and I have no fear. / / or the reality of cancer that the only thing that matters is money, not life. Has anyone asked to provide just three options for cure? Burn, poison or destroy you with the surgery and do not go there, plus fast, no pensarlo.Te you time to put between a rock and a hard and terrorize you.

So you'll never have a cure and the view is. Every day there are more and more cases with the cases that they say there is progress and wasted money that does not heal because they are not interested, they would lose the goose that lays the golden eggs. And not just cancer, but there are many more diseases which gives more is cancer and it has dominated and terrorized people. Why not accept the natural medicine when it is shown that cure? But this does not give money, which is all that matters, not the life between the two. How many millions of lives could be saved? This is a minimal part of the reality of cancer. Why are so cruel to children and will do so very hurt? All my life I've fought for them, but it was a struggle silencio.Solo I have written on my Web pages, but now I have a blog dedicated to it and the atrocities that make them shut up and that almost all eyes not to see her . I want to stop it, are human beings like others, but most do not see it that way. Just as cheap labor and a thousand more atrocities that for me are my great love and never stop fighting for them and try to save. This is a minimal part almost everything is on my website or blog. I'm only looking to put a bit of peace and justice in the world and share with others the peace and happiness that I have. Five continent need you to know the truth about cancer and what I do in hospitals saves lives and I conveyed that I have peace in spite of what I have hospes help everyone knows this, and for many atrocities and injustices as is in the world.

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