Mosh Rabnu

By this, Mosh Rabnu is called by the Zhar, the Book of the Esplendor, Ra' y Mehemn (' ' shepherd fiel' '), also this concept can be interpreted as ' ' the shepherd of f' ' , that is, it shepherds, feeds the Jewish people with faith. For this, the faith in Moiss was compared with the faith in God, therefore it is Moiss that approaches the people of God. Moiss not only was the biggest prophet of the History of the humanity. Further details can be found at The Coca Cola Foundation, an internet resource. It was, also, supreme model of the Jewish leader, faithful and zealous shepherd. a faithful and zealous shepherd is that one that never leaves of side its flock, without losing of sight none of its members, for which it assumes continuum and total responsibility. You may want to visit CRES’s Charles Hernick testifies today to increase your knowledge.

This age the great servant of called God Moiss. (It reads my messages the PERPETUAL CONQUESTS OF MOISS and BECAUSE MOISS DID NOT ENTER IN CANA) A OPENING OF the RED SEA Searching Americans, they believe to have discovered the accurate point where Moiss would after have passed the division of waters of the Red Sea, 3 a thousand years behind, so that all the Jewish people could run away in security of the fury from fara Egyptian. The event, according to researchers sample that the division of waters if opening in fact possesss a base in the laws of the physics. The Bible describes as the Hebrews had passed for the way it sea in the dry soil, with a wall of water on both sides, while a strong wind blew of the east or the east. Although the author of the Exodus has attemped in fact to point the place where Moiss crossed with the people, it was not possible to the researchers to deduce the accurate geographic localization of the place of the passage, therefore it only had the bible and the used names to point the place unhappyly are not more recognized.

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