Mucho Stilo

The circumstances of the life of the Carolin Wosnitza known as “Sexy Cora” are “It was a great honor to produce the video” in the press have been widely discussed and spread. Currently no new messages coming up after people from their family environment and circle of acquaintances to Carolin and whose husband Tim Wosnitza in the spotlight are increasingly dragged. Including “Mucho Stilo”, which was allowed to produce the official farewell video “Sexy Cora” was recently also the Hamburg musician. After his interview for the RTL magazine “Explosive” on Wednesday he gave today an exclusive interview for the Zeitfur2 news blog, in which he expressed to the video and its origin. At the end, he has also a message to the fans by Carolin: “I find it super what the fans today still make and write. Hereby you consoles across also Sandra family through these hard times with security and shows that it was a special and lovable person.” The entire interview in the blog at

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