Nizhny Novgorod

And Boris is a sovereign until the end. "Apparently, something happened" – thought trapped near the palace porch March 18, 1584, when it came out, Boris Godunov and Bogdan Belsky. And sure enough – they announced to the people of the death of Ivan the Terrible. Evil tongues, there was talk that, say, than the pair at the time of death next to the king and no one else was not, and Bielski, as luck would have been well versed in the Apothecary craft and Poisons … Educate yourself even more with thoughts from University of Arizon. While the rating tridtsatidvuhletnego Boris quite low compared with the rating of the boyars, as St.

George, Mstislav, Shumsky, Belsky. But they began to play against each another, resulting in the 'mercy' Belsky, who requested custody of Grozny her illegitimate (born of seven, unmarried, wife) son Dmitry: little boy with his relatives on the maternal side was sent to Uglich, some not quite clear intrigue – and Belsky going voivod in Nizhny Novgorod. During the wedding on Fedor Ivanovich kingdom, mercy on his brother-in Boris Godunov, fell one after another: the rank of groom (with an income of 12 000 rubles per year!), the title of the passing of the great nobleman and governor of the kingdoms of Kazan and Astrakhan, parcels of land, well, a lot of little things all … In the summer of 1584 died the most influential of the boyars – Nikita St. George, uncle of Tsar Fedor, having to request custody of their children Godunov. The central authorities have formed two parties – the Party of Godunov and new nobility (including the Romanovs) and the party of the nobility of the old (Mstislavsky, Kolychev, Golovin, Shuiskys, etc.).

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