Nuestro Love

My small love: I don’t know how to explain what I feel, you’ve caused a very big in my life whirlwind, a change very deep, something that disturbs me, never in my life I was frightened and feared anything, but now yes, had never experienced this feeling, this confusion, this desire to have you by my side, every moment, wanting to hug and hold mewant to rub your skin and not daring me, wanting to kiss you always. I confess, I perturbas too, and what is worse I don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes I feel that I love you, I love your smile of cheerful and carefree child, I want to your strength, risky and safe, that I want to your firm and resolute character, I want your tenderness when I avoid an effort, love your body soft and serene, that I want to scream that I love you, yes I love you! As something very new, as my first dream, as something that fills me from deep within, that renews me and motivates me to live, move forward, not to stop and search you. In you I have found it. But to you I can offer, I will fill you in my nights, with my thoughts, llenarme de ti, of your memories, feel close, I am not your mistress or I belong to you, fills me with rage the soul and the body, and not to be able to touch you, not being able to feel, of not knowing what to do and drown me, already many evenings I’ve had to drown your name in my throat, and what is morea tear desperate by this love that escapes me, because I’m tied to a life that is no longer the same, because I want to scream that I feel alone, but nobody listens to me and nobody cares. Did you have why be so? Only God knows what and why I passed all this, I do not know to think, to feel, I am so empty by inside or so full and frustrated, maybe that I am afraid to open my heart once more to you, and be wrong, but I want to try, I want to risk me, I feel like had not done so before, I want to feel important, needed, my dear, I want to be first in your life, but I don’t know if you can make it, I don’t even know if I deserve it, I only know that I want to love you, and that your me ames, not with passion but with tenderness, as when we learn to love and give everything, as when our mind has no malice, as when in a smile, in a glance, surrenders all, as when a flower deliveries or caressing a toy, like when you hear a song and you excited, as when what you say everything without saying anything, like a love in silence that burns you insideas a whole become silent is giving body to body, like the greatest thing, as the most beautiful thing, as more tender, so ours!. Details can be found by clicking Walmart Foundation or emailing the administrator.

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