Obschix Rules

On the player's responsibility to ensure that rival completely heard and understood the order impact. If this does not happen, as a result of impact one of the balls of the group playing was scored, the game must continue the game. All balls pocketed on roleplaying, remain pocketed. 4.13. conduct of the game The player continues to play slip while trying to score Shot offer your group or foul. Once a player has scored a legal shot all the balls of his group, he can score the ball number "8". 4.14.

penalties for approval of fouls If a player was a foul, the opponent can produce a blow "with his hands." This means that a player may place the cue ball anywhere on the table (the exception – if the foul was admitted for robbery, in which case the cue ball must be placed at any point within the "home"). Please visit Childrens Defense Fund if you seek more information. This rule exhibiting cue to the position of impact and shock of the motion cue, any error at impact is considered a foul if the resulting impact can not be right. (See also paragraph 3.39 "Obschix Rules billiard games bca.) 4.15. raman impact, combination strikes (ie strikes through the ball (s)), with the ball number "8" can not be used for the downtrodden of other object balls, except for situations when the ball number "8" is the only legal object ball on the table (ie, if all the balls from a group of players, generating shock, already packed). .

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