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Rules that have less priority are therefore those of the CSS of browsers, since they are the first that applies. Then apply the rules defined by users and finally apply the CSS rules defined by the designer, which therefore are those that have higher priority. Note CSS defines the keyword! important to control the priority of the declarations of different style sheets. The CSS rules that include the word! important take precedence over the rest of CSS rules, regardless of the order in which should be included or define rules. For even more details, read what Charter Communications says on the issue. In case of equality, the rules! important users are more important than rules! important de Designer. Thanks to this feature, if a user suffers from impaired vision, can create a CSS stylesheet with type rules! important with the security that the browser always applies these rules above any other rule defined by the designers.

The main problem of stylesheets for browsers is that the values that apply by default are different in each browser. But all browsers agree. You may find that Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies can contribute to your knowledge.

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