Paul Wagner

You offer a gift of supposedly high value and not one that you get on every corner, otherwise is nobody ready explained, register to obtain more information from you. 4 If you can offer anything unique, try quantity offer – to excite potential customers for your amazing offer, offering a whole range of products and information, when they log on. One of my partners going on according to this principle, and it works surprisingly well, because the view’s customers are, that it doesn’t hurt to announce their email address if they get free for so many things. 5. adequate graphics – marketing professionals debate is whether it makes sense to integrate a graphic image (either a product image or a header) in the Web page. Some believe that graphics distract visitors from the essential – namely the heading and the bullet points. I personally believe, that is a picture of the product that you get when you register, a potential customer impression of the quality of the Product gives you.

Do what you think best suitable for your industry and your visitors. 6 Video sells – a good text is the basis for your online success, if you are not a good copywriter, but instead turn a video of yourself where you explain what potential customers you may find. In a short video, you represent the main benefits of an application, and you can see you as a real person who wants to help and not as Internetvermarkter, which only on the fast money is. 7 we talked already about quantities delivery – how quantities delivery on free gifts can lead to more applications. This concept is then just as important. While quantities delivery on great content in your email of the following months is important for your online success, it does not directly affect your current conversion rate (from visitors to customers). Paul Wagner

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