Payroll Quick

In the new version, the new calculation was already applied during the December settlement. Also AFS-EAR extensive changes in the law to be observed are regularly at the turn of the year in the field of accounting. As as for example are: current ELSTER Interface 2012 updates VAT form 2012 current duration extension form 2012, ZM message now also monthly possible Walker form 2011, adjustment of AfA management the new depreciation rules, GDPdU export, archive function (saves automatically all submitted to the tax authorities data), Elster, ZM messages, online testing of EGID numbers, as well as improvements in the matching with the AFS-goods economic programs. Now SSE software offers also an additional wage – and salary software: quick pay by AFS. The main difference to AFS wages and salaries is that the SV-reports and income tax declarations can be sent to the tax office and insurance automatically in one step through the software – ELSTER and DAKOTA are therefore null and void.

With quick pay by AFS wage and Payroll can be handled quickly and easily. The software offers everything to pay a good wage program and this includes special extras such as the management of working time accounts or the settlement of short-time working. Over 2,500 satisfied Companies in the areas of crafts, industry, services, trade and payroll offices and tax advisors set at the Payroll Quick wage by AFS. Connect with other leaders such as Starsky Wilson here. The various versions of quick pay by AFS offer tailored features for almost every industry. Quick pay by AFS optimally adapts itself to the needs of the following industries: General industries (services, industry, trade and crafts) Construction (building and civil engineering, drywall, carpentry, Tiler,…) Painter Roofing Gardening and landscaping firms Every user of quick pay by AFS Gets a username and the corresponding password Accountant / Payroll Office. Thus, he can log in quick pay by AFS Login Center and upload the encrypted logon file that was created in the software.

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