Positive Forces

NECESSITIES AND OBJECTIVES In the vision of Maslow, the human being search always improvements for its life. Of this form, when a necessity is supplied appears another one in its place, such necessities they are represented in the hierarchic pyramid. When the necessities human beings are not supplied supervene feeling of frustration, aggressiveness, nervousness, sleeplessness, disinterest, passivity, low auto-esteem, pessimism, resistance the new features, unreliability and others. Such negative feelings can be rewarded by other types of accomplishments. In this direction, Chiavenato affirms that the necessities can satisfied, be frustrated (when the satisfaction is hindered) or be compensated (transferred to another object), that is, the motivation human being are understood by a cyclical aspect, guided for the demands of the necessities. The motivation is a impulsionadora force of the individual for an objective. It has two types of forces: – Positive Forces? They are those that take the individual to come close themselves stimulate to it. The positive forces initiate and keep the motivation of the behavior.

– Negative Forces? They are those that move away the individual from the objective. CYCLE MOTIVACIONAL Comea with sprouting of a necessity. This is a dynamic and persistent force that provokes behavior. All time that appears a necessity this breaches the state of balance of the organism. Cause a state of tension, or action, capable to unload the tension or to exempt it of the discomfort and it balance. If the behavior will be efficient, the individual will find the satisfaction of the necessity, the organism comes back to the state of previous balance, to its form of adjustment to the environment.

In the motivacional cycle, the necessity is satisfied. The measure that the cycle if repeats with the learning and the repetition (reinforcement), the behaviors become gradual more efficient in the satisfaction of certain necessities. A satisfied time, the necessity leaves of being motivadora of the behavior, since not cause tension or discomfort.

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