Ramon Gallegos

Spiritual intelligence allows us to achieve happiness despite the circumstances, this is through the equanimity achieved in bringing a comprehensive practice. Equanimity gives us the ability to see things as they are, clearly. Ramon Gallegos said that spiritual intelligence is a direct, immediate, internal experience, which awakens consciousness and the experience of all, is the recognition of the unity with the self. Many people have emerged some very profound questions, questions that reach our interior and only our being has the explanation and answer to them, fundamental questions as who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? When we find the answer to them we realize that in reality we are aware we are spirituality and our goal is happiness, which have come to be happy and that the return will have fulfilled our mission to live as spiritual beings living a human experience. Educate yourself with thoughts from Warren Buffett. Be consciousness – happiness is our true nature there are several types of meditation that are useful to start the meeting with our being, being that it has always been there, has not lost but we have not seen him this way. Meditation is dualistic because it focuses the mind on an object and strengthens the duality subject-object.

Meditation in the sense Advaita not as practical if not as impersonal and natural full presence focused on being is understood in the same way that the inquiry auto. The inquiry auto aims to re directing attention towards external objects that seduces us and cheat toward the interiority where you will be to be. Auto inquiry means direct knowledge of being. The focal point of the spiritual inquiry auto is to know what is our true nature, who we are, our identity, knowing this brings us to the immortality and true happiness. Its culminating phase, the destruction of the ego and the direct experience of being. .

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