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Ingredients tomatoes 1.2 kg olive oil 90 cm3 (a little less than half a glass) Laurel leaves 2 garlic 4 teeth sugar 15 g (one tablespoon) pepper salt preparation first that nothing is cut the part of the tomato where the stem is born. United Way Worldwide may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Then making a cut through that area to obtain two halves lengthwise and then another cut to make four quarters. The pulp and seeds, which can be used to then make a tomato sauce, for example, must be removed with the help of a craft knife. Place half of the olive oil in a baking sheet and arrange the slices of tomato on it. Sprinkle with crushed bay leaf, black pepper, sugar and salt. Garlic can be cut into brunoise (tiny cubes) and sprayed on all the tomatoes or, if you prefer that the preparation has a milder flavor, placed in large pieces which then can be easily removed (see image). Baste with the remaining olive oil.

Carry minimal oven for at least one hour and a half and then give them back. Place in oven 1 hour more. How long should confit them depends on the power of oven and the point where you want to be tomatoes. The ideal is to keep trying but always with the oven to a minimum so that scorching does not. If the oven is very strong and the minimal mode burn tomatoes, you can cook with the oven door slightly open, so you lose heat. Once cooked allow to cool and store in a previously disinfected vial. You won’t need to add oil to the preserve that used the same in which cooked Confited tomatoes. Source: Tomato confit Recipes and techniques of cooking author original and source of the article.

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