River Pirianito

My friends, I am feeling a child when he receives a beautiful gift. With as many compliments that I am receiving on my texts, I only can express my gratitude. It does not have nothing more rewarding of what to touch in the heart of the people. ovide more clarity in the matter. If we will not have in us the pureness, simplicity, the love and dom to touch in the heart of our fellow creature, will be only one countenance to become vacant in the space or then one to make weight on of the land. But for the commentary, I see that the texts that I write are touching in many hearts and say that I do not have no merit in this, only remain to be thankful me the friends for the compliments makes that me, and to honor the God for the inspiration. I read a commentary of our Dirce friend who asks for that I also speak to me of the River Pirianito, saying me that its brothers jumped of the pontilho to dive in its waters and that they were happy and they did not know. The life is thus same, how many people are happy and they do not know.

To the times we live in one casebre and we are happy we start to live in a palace and enter in a depression. The materialism to the times takes off our beauty interior, because we look at the life with other eyes. I go to take off some photos of the river and between them of the pontilho, thus you and its brothers will kill the homesickness and you go to weave a commentary on the Pirianito. It was well close to this river that our city had its origin, and the first name that we receive was Pirianito Farm and later alone Pirianito, and finally appears the name of Ura.

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