Seu DUrgell

If you’re going to Pas de la Casa the easiest reach is by car, having several routes, among which stands out the fastest, which point of reference since Spain’s Lleida. Why, you take direction to Barcelona or Lleida from any part of Spain you’re going to go. Shorefront understood the implications. From Barcelona to Lleida by the A2 direction you take, you take the exit Cervera, from Lleida vas in direction to address Ponts, continuing until Seu DUrgell, catching for Andorra la Vella, then address Encamp, Soldeu, where you can choose the route faster and more comfortable by tunnel fee of 6 euros or you can choose to go through the port, with either of the two options finally reaching Pas de la Casa. If you have read about Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Another option to get to Pas de la Casa from anywhere in Spain is using public transport and get close to the area. If you are you going by plane, from anywhere you must go, or at least pass through any of the airports: Lleida, Girona or Barcelona. From any of these airports you can take the train or another aircraft to bringing you closer to the zone, taking into account that the nearest airport is Perpignan airport, although bearing in mind that from Lleida from Perpignan airport to Pas de la Casa, Pas de la Casa and there is many miles of difference, it is best to take a train to the area.

Train stations closest to Pas de la Casa are: station Lhospitalet-pres-lAndorre 12 km station of Latour de Carol to 28 km if you can arrive by plane to the airport in Toulouse, you can catch a train in the station of Toulouse-Matabiau that is 160 km from Pas de la Casa, bringing you as much as possible, to finally catch a taxi to Pas de la Casa. Another option from Spain is closer to Andorra la Vella to finally get there a taxi that takes you to Pas de la Casa. In Pas de la Casa can find precious landscapes, cultural routes, hiking trails and the best ski slopes, so you decide for one of the apartments in Pas de la Casa and enjoy it in all its glory at any time of the year. Original author and source of the article

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